• Vulture put together a video of Larry David’s “rules of society,” to gear up for Sunday’s Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale. Are you watching this season? It seems, from what I have seen, that it has been “pretty good,” said with a Larry David impression. -Vulture
  • Apparently MTVU has a show called Stand In where they have celebrities surprise guest lecture classes at different Universities. That doesn’t sound bad! In this one, Trey Parker and Matt Stone stop by a “Storytelling Strategies” class at NYU. -TheDailyWhat
  • Gwyneth and Chris Martin “went to the Coach dinner party” last night (sure) and then looked goofy trying to hide from the paparazzi when they left. But honestly dealing with paparazzi seems like an absolutely terrible thing to have to deal with. Gross, yuck. -TheSuperficial
  • There were a few good movie posters released this week, did you notice? If not, FilmDrunk has them gathered together for you in a fairly convient way. Great. -FilmDrunk
  • Unfortunately the lack of female writers in TV is still enough of a thing to be researched and written about all over the place. -Splitsider
  • Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie, the rivalry of the century. -Dlisted
  • Ryan Gosling addressed his role in the street fight in a press interview for Drive and said he is only embarrassed. Aww. I will never forgive the internet for making me like him so much. -Celebuzz
  • Did you watch the series finale of Rescue Me? Salon wrote an article about it in case you, who has watched every episode of its seven seasons on the night it premiered and you can’t even believe you missed this one, missed it. -Salon
  • Watch Hillary Duff try and fail to seduce some guy in this Movieline exclusive clip from Stay Cool. Which is NOT the same as Be Cool, even if you were really convinced that it was for a minute. -Movieline
  • The Game of Thrones videogame is going to come out this month. I’ve never seen that show but I can only assume that the videogame will include a lot of incest and rape? -ONTD
  • Aziz Ansari and a pretty girl he is friends with are going to different restaurants in NYC while wearing nice clothing for a project called “Food and Fashion” and I think it’s a good idea! -Food&Fashion
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  1. “I’m still a thing!” – Hilary Duff (1987-2012)

  2. That girl is really pretty…but that blog is unbearable. It brings up an internal conflict I have constantly…

    A fellow DFW fan showed me another one of these blogs. It is terrible:

  3. Shoot. That Game of Thrones game looks way better than the Dharma and Greg game I invested in.

  4. Funny thing was, I was at that Coach party last night, too. I ran into Gwyneth and Chris in the hallway, and did that whole “I step to the left, and you step to the left, so I step to the right, but then you also step to the right” thing trying to pass each other. That delayed me, and made me miss my plane, which crashed.

    Thank you, Gwyneth, my hero.


  6. Gwyneth must have really learned a lot from previous unfortunate crotch shots. She seems to be covering her ladyparts pretty deftly as she enters the car…..and then proceeds to cover her entire body from head to toe as well! Go big or go home….I guess?

  7. That Roberta’s looks like a great place. Let’s eat there everyone.

  8. So James Franco is going to be the surprise guest lecturer on every single episode of Stand In, right? Okay. Just making sure.

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