In the New York area at least, today is the first day of school! Yuck. Boo. School sucks! Just kidding. Be cool and stay in it. If you work hard and study a lot, maybe one day you will grow up to be a marketing executive! Anyway, little boys and little girls, here is a punk song written and performed by someone your age to get you PUMPED for today’s big day:

Welcome back, PUNKS! Thanks for the apple. Now please open your textbooks to page 1 and let’s talk about igneous rocks. (Via WastingTime.)

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  1. Anarchy in the Cafeteria.

  2. I prefer Hugh Jackman’s “How to Meet a Ur-a-peein’ Man.”

  3. Looks like somebody watched Boy Tips: How To Dress Punk.

  4. In the year 2030, we will stick a microphone up to a womb, capture the sound, autotune it, put in a box and send it to our cookie-making robot overlords in space

  5. Today is also Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ 30th birthday. In related news, you all feel old as fuck now.

  6. y0, they NEED to get Benni Cinkle to drop a verse on this record

  7. Isn’t this how Justin Bieber got her start?

  8. Hey, that kid’s a pretty good drummer. Can’t wait for some recess themed crust punk.

  9. All I’m saying is, I haven’t seen Nancy on the playground at recess.

  10. Kindergarten teachers must be so frustrated these days having to tell their students over and over to put away their iPhones.

  11. Forget it, rest of the boys in the classroom. This guy is going to be doing ALL of the girl hand-holding.

  12. I’m at work (grown-up school) and am thus not able to watch this delightful child’s music video, so my question is … does this video cover tectonic plates? I feel my Kentucky educators covered tectonic plates every year of my junior and high school life. It got to a point where the scales fell from my eyes and I realized with newfound clarity that I wasn’t just being screwed out of a good education but was caught in some sort of nightmarish loop of bland, obvious facts. ‘Let’s talk about tectonic plates.’ GAH!

  13. School kid? More like sssssCOOL kid, am I right you guys? (you guys?)

    Anyways, respect to the kid.
    Not only for being a punk in the Ke$ha era but also for his attitude. I remember that time of year…the TV started playing all these commercials about pens and backpacks and it felt like shit. It signified the end of the summer. However, this (awesome) kid things about all the good stuff, all the stuff that you secretely wished deep inside.

    Maybe I ll be the cool kid this year, I ll be awesome, I ll find many friends…Or every boy’s dream.
    Maybe a pretty new girl comes to school and I win her heart. Dont think he said, couldn t see the whole video but I remember myself wishing every September for a hot new student.


    PS:School years are the worst (YES GABE, WORST THAN GWYNETH).

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