This is basically Ocean’s 11. Heist of the century. From the LA Times:

A man in a Gumby suit attempted to rob a 7-Eleven store but became nervous and escaped with only some loose change, the San Diego Police Department said. The unusual robbery attempt occured Monday night at a store in the Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood.

Initially the clerk thought the man was joking. But when the robber announced he had a gun and began fumbling with his Gumby suit, the clerk changed his mind. When the robber’s apparent accomplice in a car outside honked the car horn, the suspect fled, dropping 27 cents on the floor, police said.

Officials are offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest of Gumby and/or the accomplice. The car was described as a light-colored mini-van; the Gumby suit was green.

ATTENTION CITIZENS: THE GUMBY SUIT WAS GREEN. Of course, the problem in cases like these is the lines get flooded with all the reports of copycat criminals, a.k.a people in Garfield costumes robbing Hess stations. (KABOOM, THESE JOKES ARE DYNAMITE!) The surveillance footage is pretty great (although I could have done without the IRONIC BED MUSIC. Come on, jokers, THERE ARE CRIMINAL CARTOONS WALKING THESE STREETS!) Watch here:

It is pretty smart when you are about to rob a 7-11 dressed up in a Gumby costume to walk into the store with your arms raised hi, like, “Hey! Check me out! Hahaha. I’m a Gumby! Also, this is a robbery!” Total pro. Poof: he’s gone. You’ll never find him because he never existed.

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  1. He made his triumphant getaway on Pokey.

  2. Should’ve used a Pit Pat costume. Everyone loves Pit Pat

  3. Reports say he quickly fled the Plasticine of the crime.

  4. I like the Canadian news coverage of this story better, where a) the clerk thought it was Sponge Bob, b) tells the robber not to bother, and c) didn’t think to report it.

  5. “The fuck’s a Gumby?” – kids, I imagine

  6. After failing to rob the 7-11, Gumby returns to the frat house looking dejected.

  7. He’s gonna end up in the Pokey.

    *crosses fingers and hopes everyone knows pokey is redneck for “jail”*

  8. Maybe midway through the heist he got the call about the Oscars.


  10. All 7-11 franchises now mandated to change the little tray to read “Give a Penny, Take a Penny, EXCEPT YOU, GUMBY!”

  11. Guys, I think that everyone is ignoring the very real possibility that instead of being a person in a gumby costume, Gumby himself is committing the crime. It wouldn’t surprise me. I never trust someone that walks without lifting their legs.

  12. I knew someday my old Gumby doll would fetch around $1,000.00.

  13. Ron Burgundy’s racing to the studio as we speak.

  14. Who was that guy walking in at the beginning? I bet he knew the place was being robbed, but realized that the guy was in a Gumby costume and realized he wasn’t in any danger.

  15. And in other news, be on the lookout for this rape suspect.

  16. They need to call in an expert on this case

  17. If the police think they can twist his arm and get a confession out of him, they’re in for the surprise of their lives.

  18. As if Gumby wasn’t scary enough.

  19. Gumby?? More like DUMBY! amirite?

  20. He later propositioned a crossdressing prostitute, yelling “I’m Gumby Dammit!”

  21. I can’t believe I had to scroll to the end to get an “I’m Gumby Dammit”!

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