Hey, girls! As you know, the punk look is on all the runways and in all the malls and magazines these days, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. So just like you’ve done with the fad styles of the past — B-Girl, Rasta, Royal Wedding, Dub Step, Ska, Fast Food Waitress, Bling Queen, Edgy Princess, Half Drag, Feather Pen, College Pajama, Grammys J. Lo., Wacky Sox, ’90s Boyfriend — you’re going to have to learn how to master it. A few years ago, mastering a particular fashion trend could get a bit tricky — “How big are the UFO pants supposed to be? And am I supposed to buy just orange or orange + camo?” are questions you may have found yourself asking during the UFO pants trend of 1999. (Tip: Saggy in the waist, over some fun boyshorts, with as wide a leg as possible. As for the camo — what do you think!!) Luckily we live in the age of YouTube, so there’s no end in instructional punk-for-girls videos that’ll teach you everything you need to know about dressing your bes–I mean, worst!

So there you have it, girls. Pretty easy stuff we’re dealing with here. Basically the main take-aways are:

  1. Anything that normal people wouldn’t do. So when you see anything, think, would a normal person wear this? If the answer is “no,” then wear it. Would a normal person wear a mixing bowl, for example? Would a normal person wear baby clothes? Would a normal person wear their clothes upside down AND backwards? Would a normal person wear the same shirt and pants combination every day while cutting just a little off the sleeves and bottoms of the pants every day to see when people start noticing? You see where I’m going here, girls. This isn’t your first rodeo.
  2. Black.
  3. Dirty and like you don’t have a lot of money. This will be covered with the wearing the same clothes every day, if you decide to go with that option.
  4. Heavy, heavy jewelry. Basically for this you go into a jewelry store and ask what is their heaviest jewelry. “What jewelry can I buy that weighs the most?” you might ask. They might look at you funny, but don’t worry — That just means your look is working. If they pretend to not know which item of jewelry they have that weighs the most, ask them to get the scale out of the back. They pretend they don’t have a scale in the back? Bologna, tell them. Then how do they weigh the jewelry every night? You got them there. Purchase the top five heaviest pieces of jewelry you can find and put them on immediately.
  5. You wouldn’t be a punk without any-with studs. Self explanatory.

So there you have it, girls — punk in under three minutes. Now go out there and show off your style, after all, you deserve it! \m/ (Via OHYST.)

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  1. Pretty much you just want to try to be Avril Lavigne, right? Or is she considered goth?

  2. Also, stuffed animal pants:

  3. is that GG Allen in the punk hat?

  4. Why is she so anti-pastel? Did she forget about the 80s?

  5. Nailed it! – Siouxsie Sioux

  6. How did she forget goggles and tophats and the word “steam”?!?!?!?

  7. Why didn’t she just tell little girls to “just don’t care” in the beginning instead of waiting until the end?

  8. Someone in this video looked very familiar:

  9. She keeps saying “punk,” but I think she means “Sons of Anarchy extra.”

  10. But how do boys do it?

  11. I can’t decide which is worse – adults who genuinely describe themselves as punks or people who dress up as “punks” because it’s in this season.

  12. I went to wendibrasswell.com (very sorry I did that, btw) and here is her self-description: “Wendi Braswell is a former model, actress, wife and mother of two with over 25 years experience working in the fashion industry. She earned a college degree in fashion and has thousands of clocked shopping hours….”
    So, you know. There’s that.

  13. “No bedazzling on the rear.” TWSS

  14. What is this EDGY?

  15. Does this count as heavy jewelry?

  16. I know you’re in here watching our youtube channel about how exactly to dress for whatever style whim you have, but the trick here is to just not CARE. Definitely don’t care what other people think about your clothes, but definitely do everything we are telling you to do because otherwise you can’t effectively convince other people how little you care about how you look.

  17. How was she able to fin Busy Phillips circa Freaks & Geeks?

  18. Where’s the section on what kind of tie to wear?

    Is there a whole other video dedicated to that section? This is so complicated.

  19. Kelly, I love it that you spelled it “bologna,” and not “baloney.” The latter has just got to go. It’s too normal, anyways. Punk!

  20. Don’t forget about the heroin addiction! Side note…..that bitch is mad fine. Damn!!

  21. Things that normal people wear:
    1. Pastels
    2. Bedazzled jeans
    3. Studs (?)
    4. A lot of money

  22. “And you’re just not gonna care.”


  23. “You wouldn’t be a punk without any…studs” is perhaps my favorite litmus test for anything ever.

  24. At the end YouTube suggested that I might like “How To Dress Like A Prep Girl”. Why yes, I might.

    “You’re gonna be classic, you’re not gonna be trendy, you’re not gonna be ru-…you’re gonna be very classic on the trends.”

    And the faces of those models? I hope they paid them one million dollars for this, because eeeeek. No thank you, even one million dollars might not be enough to be the slightly-heavier-trying-so-hard-to-not-care model attempting to be punk in “poor” jeans.

  25. What? There’s no smiling in punk rock! I cry foul.

  26. a regular catherine hannar

  27. Still waiting for her video: “How to dress Guido”

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