Which is more upsetting, the Toddlers & Tiaras thing about the pretend boobs, or this new Toddlers & Tiaras thing about a baby dressing up like prostitute Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Both? Neither? It’s all a horrible nightmare anyway, why dwell on nightmare specifics? A very heated debate!

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  1. Toddlers & Tiaras has to be some sort of vice sting operation…that is the only logical reason adults can allow it to exist

  2. Can’t we all just agree that the creators of that show, along with all of the parents and the dance instructor, should be forced to murder each other in some sort of televised thunderdome event? And that the proceeds from this event (which I assume would be astronomical) should go to pay for the therapy and long term financial needs of these poor little kids?

  3. TV is doing wonders for exposing regular people to the tragedies and disasters going all around us.

  4. “Put a gerbil in that costume and I think we will really have something going.” — Richard Gere

  5. Every pageant mom has read “Eat Pray Love.”

  6. Just this whole topic makes me very uncomfortable. I feel like I should be in jail for even knowing that show exists.

  7. “I would NEVER dress my daughter up like the whore from that one movie! That’s FAR too blatant….I’ll ONLY ever dress my daughter up to look like a cock-tease!” ~Gross pageant moms everywhere

  8. The girl will probably end up as a Prostitute anyway…. that mother was just calling a spade a spade.

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