• Roddy McDowall’s home videos have been uploaded to YouTube, including videos of hanging out with Paul Newman, Jane Fonda, Kirk Douglas, and MORE, and they are very cool and hey why not check them out. -Vulture
  • AV Club has gathered together a bunch of forgotten subplots and they are all very good. I’m just starting to watch Mad Men now, kind of, and a thing I’ve been wondering is: what is the deal with the time when Joan’s husband raped her in Don’s office? Is that ever going to come back? Because it has been a while and that has NOT come back. -A.V. Club
  • It’s weird that Madonna said a rude thing about this guy who brought her a flower because I thought she was so nice? -TheSuperficial
  • Oooh, your little brother is going to be so excited. Chuck Norris AND Jean-Claude Van Damme have been added to the cast of The Expendables 2.  -FilmDrunk
  • Ugh, Ryan Gosling took an actress to Disneyland and it was NOT US. While we just sat at home, looking at the phone, like a bunch of fools. Gross, Ryan. -Just Jared
  • Here’s the promo for next season of Gossip Girl. They’re in LA?! Booo, gross. Guys, on Friday I was walking in my neighborhood (“tell us more”) and I saw those signs on street poles about for when film crews are going to be filming there, and they were for Gossip Girl! I stopped and said, “Ah!” and my friend said, “Welcome to New York, I’m glad you could visit me.” And I said EASY WITH THE JOKES, COMEDIAN. -Celebuzz
  • Emma Watson has a new perfume commercial and it is very strange. -PopCultureBrain
  • The Internet loves gross fried food, and it is always dumb, but this fried bubblegum thing is definitely the dumbest Internet-fried-food thing. First of all it’s not even fried bubblegum. Second of all, it is only gross and nobody thinks it’s good. Third of all, here you can watch it yourself. -TheDailyWhat
  • Have you seen the photos of Glee actress star Heather Morris with the bruise? She looks all perfect but then she has a makeup bruise? Do you think it glamorizes domestic abuse? I think, “Pretty much yes.” Salon thinks: -Salon
  • You’re able to watch the pilot of Fox’s new Zooey Deschanel show now if you wanna. Yay? Are you going to do that? -THR
  • Here’s a video of the NYC subway car that was converted into an NYC old-timey subway car ad for Boardwalk Empire. It’s almost like you rode on it! Do you want to watch the show now? -LaughingSquid
  • Here are some celebrities without eyebrows. The ‘net. I think I like this because it reminds me off the Woll Smoth meme and to be honest that is my favorite meme. Ugh, I sincerely apologize for everything. -BuzzFeed
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  1. Kels, I think I’m a little behind you in my Mad Men viewing, I just started season 3 (with all that Salvatore on bellhop action), but I’m with ya on that. Then again, Mad Men is very good at forgetting about things for SO LONG and then bringing them back eventually. So you never know.

  2. “Just grab it, put it in your mouth, and worry about cleaning your hands later.” -Justin Martinez, inventor of fried bubblegum and, apparently, “she.”

  3. Is there an accompanying article to the Heather Morris photos? I’m curious about the context of them. Because sure, photos of a lady with bruises lounging on an ironing board might seem problematic just by themselves, there might be a reason (however stupid) for them to even seem conceptually appropriate.

  4. Err, a black eye does not necessarily equate to domestic abuse. Black eyes can be derived in ways that are neither abusive nor domestic. In fact, I think it’s more offensive to women that people see a woman with a black eye and just assume that her significant other has abused her.

    • Facetaco’s wife just fell down some stairs.

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m a little curious about the context. Because Heather Morris is also a dancer. But in that little article that’s linked they mention that she’s ironing and blah blah, which definitely lends more to the domestic abuse argument, but I don’t know what the full story is.

      • The article links to the photos, also.

      • Personally, I think the photographer is a hack who makes contrived controversy to get his name in papers and then says he’s attempting to create dialogue. Boring. I’m not a fan, haven’t been since the cow thing and am a little sad that Heather Morris participated. However, I’m curious as to how much of it was her decision and how much it was pushed on her bc of publicity, etc.

        That being said, one of my closest friends actually had a light fixture fall on her face about a month after she escaped a terrible relationship. Huge shiner, all from opening a cabinet too quickly in a poorly-designed apartment.

        • Yeah, the Black Eye has become a pop culture shortcut useful in displaying the purported badassery of the recipient. A punch to the face is implied, as is the status of the punchee as a survivor. Regardless of gender. It’s become such a staple that it’s open to exploitation for artists without a benefit of a vision.

          I don’t know the subject and have less than a passing familiarity with her show, but it does seem like a case of an artist exploiting shorthand for profundity. That’s the case whenever you have artists with “Grand Ambitions” tackling entertainments such as Glee: They try to push an envelope that simply isn’t there. It’s like a homoerotic shoot between Allison Brie and Gillian Welch or a BDSM short film featuring Pee-Wee Herman and Teletubbies. The pretense is subversion, but the real-world context is “I think I’m a very interesting artist, and I have no idea how to frame this.”

          On top of that, there’s also pressure and “notes” from various elements who want to “see something edgy” and then you get things like Anne Hathaway sucking off a cat on the cover of GQ.

  5. The celebrities without eyebrows link goes to the Boardwalk Empire article, but I found a site with it here.


    Also, now I wish I hadn’t looked at all those walking nightmares. You’ve been warned.

    • Oops, I fixed it. Thanks!

      • I like how the author (is that the right word?) includes a brief introduction and/or opinion of the celebrity. On Eyeless James Franco: “He was actually pretty good in that new Planet of the Apes movie. Then again, I’m a sucker for ape world domination.”

        Videogum should follow suit: “Gwyneth Paltrow tried to rap on some show and is the worst. She was in such films as ‘Duets’ and ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ in which she was actually pretty good.”

    • Moral: Every single human looks disgusting without eyebrows, which is why eyebrow pencils exist.

  6. Watching that Madonna clip I was struck by the fact that none of the journalists asked her what is was like working with Chevy Chase on those “Vacation” movies.

  7. Did anyone else see the end of the Emma Watson ad and think, “Magic!”

  8. RE: Joan’s Husband

    A little while down the road, she knocks him out cold with a lamp to the head. I kinda see that as here retaliation for the rape. And I’m pretty sure Vietnam is going to have the last laugh on ol’ Mr. Failed Surgeon.

    • What’s gonna happen to Joan’s husband?

      “VIET-GODDAMN-NAM’s what’s gonna happen! Go get me a beer, bitch!”
      –Charlie Kelly

  9. One day I will go to Disneyland with Ryan Gosling. ONE. DAY.

  10. “It’s weird that Madonna said a rude thing about this guy who brought her a flower because I thought she was so nice?”

    This is very funny.

  11. I didn’t listen to the Hermione commercial, but I did *watch* it and felt that “Total Eclipse of the Heart” should have been playing in the background. Was it? Because that would be awesomest.

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