In Las Vegas, for several hundred dollars, adults can have the opportunity to pick up and move dirt with construction equipment for some amount of time. And I’m not going to try to tell anyone that what they want to pay hundreds of dollars to do for fun is not fun, because one time I paid over one hundred dollars to see Radiohead, which is ridiculous, but, FAKE CONSTRUCTION WORK? I know that there are lots of people who played with miniature versions of construction equipment when they were young who would see this and think, “OH YEAH!,” but really? Oh yeah? When you are young, construction equipment is cool because it’s totally out of the realm of anything you can actually experience, I feel like. But you are a grownup now and you can rent something like this when you want to move your mulch from your front yard to your back yard, or whatever! And also you could’ve done it as an actual job? Not that no one can have fun doing other people’s jobs, because they can, I’m just saying being a construction worker is not THAT crazy of an idea. And also, it’s not comforting that the guy who works there is happy that he works there not and not on a real construction site because his “superintendent is not yelling at [him] anymore.” And also, HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. And also, let’s just watch this.

The weirdest thing about this video specifically is the inclusion of the details of how actual construction work in Las Vegas is hard to come by these days. Hahah. Basically, watch these people pay hundreds of dollars do pretend to do your job for some amount of time while you are at home because uhoh you do not have a job right now because uhoh the world is a vampire. The BEST thing about this video is the last few seconds when the person is just spinning in the cab of the bulldozer. Hahaha. Just regular construction site activities. “Just like a tilt-a-whirl.” I wish I could make things GIFs instantly because I would want to make that a GIF instantly. (Via Laughing Squid.)

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  1. Well it’s not like there’s a lot of other options for entertainment when you’ve already been kicked out of all the casions for trying to play “the floor is lava.”

  2. For an extra $50 they’ll let you make all the sound effects, too.

  3. The real question is whether or not adults will pee in it.

  4. “Man, being a construction worker sure sounds like fun. Operating all those cool vehicles, getting to take all of those mandatory breaks. What’s that? Oh, I’m staunchly anti-union.”

  5. i paid a hell of a lot more than 100 to see radiohead 2 times so i cant really say that people shouldnt play in sandboxes

  6. I bet it’s a double fake situation, where they are getting tourists to provide free labor and actually pay to build their next huge project.

    Coming Soon: you can play house in our new hotel/casino! for $300 we’ll let you change bed sheets and cook a meal for room service

  7. “This looks extremely fun”

  8. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

  9. sick of wearing hardhats? doing heavy lifting? being outside?

    if anyone is interested, for the low, low price of $40 an hour, you can “play around” on my computer and “see what it’s like” to fill out excel sheets and do data entry!

  10. For just $200 you can experience the blogger/freelance journalist lifestyle firsthand. Package includes 1 lonely desk in a small NY apartment, 1 laptop, 1 couch, 2 disappointed parents, 1 economy sized bag of Cheetos, 1 tube of off-brand lubricant (optional), 5,000 shattered dreams.

  11. “just like a tilt-a-whirl”

  12. This feels like something I can make fun of because it already exists, but if I had come up with it myself I’d think it was the best idea ever.

  13. Reminds me of being a little kid and begging to use the riding lawn mower, but once you’re old enough to use it immediately realizing that mowing the lawn is super tedious and not fun.

    Difference being that happened at age 12, when lack of foresight didn’t mean you were really, really dumb

  14. I would not want to lose a Lincoln Log in there.

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