It was reported this weekend that Eddie Murphy is in talks to host the upcoming Academy Awards. One assumes he will be wearing a fat suit and that there will actually be nine hosts this year ally played by Murphy. RATNERRRRRR!

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  1. This would be raw.

    But seriously, this would be great….seriously

    • Except that it is the Oscars, and they are never great. Ever.

    • If he is able to come in and be Eddie Murphy (before the kids and the kids movies and all of this), then fine. But I honestly DOUBT A:) that they will let him do that, or B:) He will do that to himself. But if he came in and Flambéd tha hollywood elite, that’d be dope

  2. I Spy an awards show that I won’t be watching!

  3. This is just another was of saying the Oscars are going to be hosted by an old lady, an old man, a fat guy, a barber, and Eddie Murphy.

  4. I will Doolittle to nothing to try to watch this.

  5. The Oscars + a performer who’s been phoning it in for decades? A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN

  6. You’re right, Eddie Murphy is a complete hack who has absolutely no experience of standing on a stage and telling jokes. What the fuck are they thinking??

  7. Is he hosting the Oscars ironically?

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