This footage from RTL, a German television station, shows lab chimps seeing sunlight for the first time ever in their lives. You are maybe going to cry, depending on how much you like chimps. Please try not to cry.

Awww. Did you see how they hugged? How sad and terrible but also how nice! It’s especially nice since this is a video we can all relate to right now, except the reverse. Right? Maybe you don’t understand this because for whatever reason you do not speak German, so here is the full translation:

Welcome back to the Internet, everybody! I hope you enjoyed your long weekends! And spent some time in the sunlight! Because now it’s gone! Goodbye, sunlight! See you next June!

(Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. Thanks for bringing up all those repressed Project X memories, Kelly.

  2. Oh man, explaining to those chimps what happened to Will and Jada Smith is going to hardest part.

  3. They’re excited now, but wait until someone tells them they’ve been on Earth all along.

  4. Aww, look how adorable chimps are we we lock them in cages for their entire lives and then let them out finally and see how happy they are and kind of make us feel bad for locking them up for so long.

  5. Dammit Kelly, I cried and cried, and I am in a public coffee shop.

  6. :’( I feel so sorry for…us.

    • But when you remember that the scientists in that lab probably haven’t been out in the sunlight since their first science class in sixth grade, you realize that they couldn’t have known what they were keeping the chimps from.

  7. Were they playing a Coldplay song?

  8. Damn. Why the fuck were they in lab for so long?

  9. This is like that Ray Bradbury story where they lock that girl in a closet when the sun comes out for the first time in seven years, except the opposite I think?

  10. I feel a little uncomfortable with how the male chimp goes from “let’s hug!” to “bend over, I’m horny” in the middle of the moment.

  11. Those chimp penises are funny looking.

  12. This is definitely happy/sad. Can we just go ahead and free all the chimps? Thanks.

    P.S.- Found the link to this sanctuary…I totally might donate so I can finally master conversational German.

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