• Want to watch Charles Schulz draw Charlie Brown? Of course you do. “I really relate to that character.” – You, “I was Charlie Brown for Halloween twice, once was a group costume.” – You, “I dated a guy with a Charlie Brown tattoo once, it was a mistake.” -Me -TheDailyWhat
  • On no, people don’t like Apollo 18 apparently! I saw a commercial for it yesterday and was like, What is THAT movie? But then I remembered that I knew about it. But I’ve never had any plans to see it anyway. Want to talk more? -FilmDrunk
  • Look at what Shia is wearing. It’s a SWEATER! Spoiler, I mean. It’s a spoiler. -TheSuperficial
  • Also, Shia said that Marilyn Manson is “an indelible figure.” Remember when he mispronounced that word when he was talking about an actor or director or something? In a press interview? Haha, I googled it, it was “epitome.” Oh, Shia. -JustJared
  • Justin Long is going to play a love interest on the dumb Zooey Deschanel show coming to Fox. -WarmingGlow
  • Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon bonded over how Jake Gyllenhaal is soooo vain when they ate lunch together at a steakhouse, I guess specifically to talk about this topic. Look at how tall Taylor Swift looks. -Dlisted
  • Salon has put together some reality shows they’d like to see. What reality shows would YOU like to see?, is a topic you can discuss.The reality show I’d like to see is Bands On the Run, from when that was on VH1. I’d like to see that. -Salon
  • Would you like to see Kristen Stewart stand around in a music video? Doyyyyyyyyy I know the answer is yes. -Movieline
  • I think I’ve already shared an It’s Always Sunny promo at one point here, but this one is good too! The cast sharing their faveeee bad words. “White stain.” -PopCultureBrain
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  1. Salon REALLY loves to talk about reality TV. Relax, guys!

  2. We all agree that Shia Labeouf is the worst, right? I mean, Goop ain’t got nothing on that kid.

  3. Ugh, that Zooey Deschanel show

  4. KelCo, I would also like to see Bands on the Run make a reality show comeback. Do remember that one guy who was the lead singer of that one band, and he was really hot, but really douchey? Remember him?! I know you know who I am talking about!

  5. I feel like I’ve seen that Charles Schulz clip before a long time ago. The pleasure centers in my brain are blissing out right now.

  6. Hahaha holy shit Taylor Swift looks like a drag queen in that picture. Is that one of those “forced perspective” angles like from Lord of the Rings?

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