Can you believe we started this week off in the carefree, balmy month of August, and we’re ending it in the dark, freezing cold month of September? It’s almost as if life is not worth living at all. Sure, we have the video of the baby saying “more sand,” and that is a delight that helped us get through the week, but what do you think that baby is saying now? Certainly not “more sand,” as she has long been taken home from the beach, crying, not being able to comprehend that she won’t see it for another year but still feeling confused and betrayed. Hahah, actually, do you think she has lots of scarves on and she’s saying, “more scarves” over and over? Awww, I bet that’s what she’s saying. That may even be just as cute as “more sand.” Maybe winter won’t be so bad after all! As long as we can imagine that this baby is saying “more scarves.” Thank you, baby. I love you, baby. Let’s watch some other GIFs from the past week, baby, come on!

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards was on and just about everyone in the world watched and tweeted about it.

Brad Pitt was a celebrity hero!

True Blood was on and Gabe looooooved it!

Breaking Bad was on and OH MY GOODNESS Jesse was so good in it.

Justin Bieber pulled his first Punk’d on Taylor Swift.

Nancy Grace is going to be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, obviously!

One of the best videos I’ve ever seen was featured!

Anne Hathaway was added to the cast of the movie version of Les Miserables, unfortunately!

Amy Sedaris was fantastic on Jimmy Fallon!

Finally, Kevin Bacon was Mr. Cool Disguise for a day and he hated it!

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  1. Party on down people!

  2. Oh! Can someone please make a gif out of the floppy ear puppy video? I was really hoping it would be on here!

  3. Get that creepy baby away from me, please, it’s probably drunk.

  4. There were no gifs about cats and my cat was in the hospitall week and it was such a bad week and cost like $5000 smackaroos (no joke) and I love gifs of cats.


  5. Gif request: Rob Heubel as Owen Maestro as Rob Heubel (pronounced Hoybel) glitterbombing himself on last night’s Childrens’ Hospital. Thanks!

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