Benni Crinkle, “the girl in pink” from Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video, released her own garbage single and “music video.” WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON?! Is that how things are now? Is this how things are forever now? UNSUBSCRIBE.

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  1. Next stop: Dancing With The Stars.

  2. “What if we took advantage of the whole ‘It gets better’ zeitgeist for profit?” – the people who wrote and produced that

  3. “Did you see that new Madison Zozel video?…oh, she was in that Becky Bingman video a month ago. Yeah, she was the dancer in the Benni Cinkle single… Oh yeah she danced in ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black?” – all conversations from now on

    • “You know her as the girl in pink from the Rebecca Black video…”

      “I have know idea what you’re talking about.”

      “Well, then, um, introducing the girl in pink from the Rebecca Black video!”

  4. Benni Crinkle sounds like a Tim Allen character.

  5. It’s happening faster. That Girl Who Threw Up In The Toilet from the Benni Crinkle video just got her own single! Check it out at!

  6. You get a music video! And you get a music video! And you!

  7. ack.

    Look, guys, I’m sorry. I just don’t have the energy to ‘ack’ this with enthusiasm. I used to be able to ack pretty much anything in my younger days – ha, things seemed so much more carefree back then. But now, look at us. We’re giving our attention to objectively terrible music videos by awkward backup dancers ‘renowned’ for being in objectively terrible music videos.

  8. Jesus, is this how the Friday before Labor Day is going to proceed? Now enough coffee on the planet to get me through the next few hours:

  9. I hate all the hate around this girl because even she looks dismayed at her dance, you know? She’s got those “save me” eyes after the streetlight goes behind her head.

  10. I was actually in the video, too, and you guessed it–I got a call today, and will have a music video of my own coming out later in the month. It will celebrate the feeling one gets when the work day is almost done. Look for it, the working title of the song is: it’s 5:00pm

  11. Best Video With A Message, VMAs 2012!

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