Friday is the day that we round up this week’s movie trailers and talk about them, so you’re probably really freaking out right now because you are a creature of habit and any adjustment to the routine schedule, however minor, puts you all out of sorts, but I want to talk about this trailer right now, so take a deep breath and put on your Adjustment Bureau hat because your schedule has been ADJUSTED. The trailer for Margaret is here, you guys! “What’s Margaret?” Very reasonable question! It is the long-stalled second movie from playwright Kenneth Lonergan. He shot it, like, 100 years ago (which is why, when you watch this trailer, all of the stars look so young. Because they are young!) and then I don’t even know what happened, but I bet it was boring and kind of annoying. A classic showbiz tale. Now, look, any movie that was shot 100 years ago and then got stuck in some kind of interminable post-production cycle is probably A LITTLE PROBLEMATIC to say the least. Like, there’s got to be something going on there. So we are dealing with a movie that might very well turn out to be bad. Take that into account. But Kenneth Longergan’s first movie, You Can Count On Me, is so great. Like, the best. Literally “my favorite movie” if anyone ever asks “what is your favorite movie.” You Can Count On Me, next question. So, despite years of anticipation that can only make the follow-up disappointing, on top of a murky hold up that suggests the movie might possibly stink, some of us, at the very least ONE of us, is still excited about it. The Margaret trailer is here! More specifically, here:

OK. We’ll see! Finally.

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  1. if it wasn’t for the backwards, withholding machinations of hollywood, we would not have this wonderful opportunity to have a refreshingly new experience with Matt Damon’s boyish charms.

  2. I used to check IMDB message boards for this like, every other month. Love You Can Count On Me almost too much.

  3. melinda mickens & sookie stackhouse!

  4. And that’s why you always leave a note.

  5. I’ve been saying this for years, “People who wear cowboy hats kill people.”

  6. “Mark RuffaNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” -Kelly Conaboy, Videogum

  7. Question: so, it turns out that Kelly HATES the movie You Can Count on Me. Does this make you guys like her more or like her less? PLEASE BE HONEST.

    • Mommy and Daddy are fighting again

    • Everybody is entitled to their (wrong) opinion. This is America!

    • if it goes anything like most relationships i’ve had with people, I’m gunna say, “no. what do i care what kind of movies she likes?” and then i’ll just gradually ignore any recommendations she makes in the future, or point out flaws in movies she “likes a lot” but I only “thought was OK,” and eventually i will dismiss her opinion on nearly everything, roll my eyes at other things she’s into that i’m into, but whatever, OF COURSE she would like it and…..i sense i’ve gone too far. it’s ok if she doesn’t like it, i guess. what do i care what kind of movies she likes?

    • It makes me like Kelly even more to know she hates it.

      It makes me like you even more to know you love it.

      This reflects my complicated relationship with You Can Count on Me. The end.

    • EVERYONE! You Can Count On Me is my favorite movie, I DON’T know how to use italics in a comment and I’m afraid what I try will embarrass me, please ignore Gabe’s smear campaign I am suing him for libel AS WE SPEAK.

  8. Was the alternate title +800 Points?

    • I apologize for not knowing the correct point worth of a lady with a baby carriage in that game where you run over people(?). Maybe it was a working title. GASPO Maybe that’s why the film was delayed(!).

  9. This isn’t going to be very good for Anna Paquin’s “Time Spent on Screen to Time Spent On Screen Naked” ratio.

  10. What are you doing messing around with women, Wallace?

  11. I hope if I ever run into Allison Janney, it goes better than that.

  12. My name is Margaret and I generally hate any characters that have the same name as me. So I wanted to preemptively hate this movie, except that according to IMDB none of the characters is named margaret? Maybe it’s allison janney’s character? It now bothers me even more that it’s the title but the only thing linking the name to the movie is Matthew Broderick’s poem?

    • Um, your name is Margaret, but you’ve never read Gerald Manly Hopkins’ “Margaret are you grieving / Over goldengrove unleaving”? Learn it.

  13. Please note: MUSIC BY NICO MUHLY. #nü-classicalgum

  14. At first I thought it was Jane Adams who was hit by the bus and I IMMEDIATELY went to Fandango to buy a ticket.

    Now I see that it’s Allison Janney, still want to buy a ticket, but not as excited for the death bus. That’s probably a good thing?

  15. This looks good, but I also kind of feel like I just saw the whole movie from watching this preview. I’m starting to hate previews for that reason–so many are just little capsules of a movie’s story arc.

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