• Oh my God, Shia LeBeouf directed a Marilyn Manson video and it was too disgusting and scary for me to get through the whole thing, but I hear it is NSFW.  So don’t watch it at work. Also don’t watch it if you don’t love having nightmares. I don’t even know how I got through taking that screencap. -Stereogum
  • Aubry Plaza was on Letterman last night and she was really great. Also do you know she had a stroke when she was 20? She talks about it during the interview. That is a scary thing, too! -WarmingGlow
  • Are you guys following this altered Star Wars drama? Do you care about it? In case you do, FilmDrunk has a speech George Lucas gave in 1988 arguing for cinematic preservation, just in case you wanted to be MORE upset with him. -FilmDrunk
  • Salon proposes a code of ethics for reality TV. “But then why would we watch it??” – The whole world. -Salon
  • On Toddlers and Tiaras, normally a show that no one has ANY problems with, a little girl wore fake boobs and a fake butt for a Dolly Parton costume and the whole internet is angry about it. What I think is that it’s definitely weird and gross, but that show is weird and gross, and it is a Dolly Parton costume. Those are the two things you need for a Dolly Parton costume. Plus that whole show is just a nightmare! Relax! -TheDailyWhat
  • Snookie barf barf Leno barf barf fragrance barf barf “DTF” BARF. -TheSuperficial
  • OMG I have the perfect David Lynch surprise vacation idea for you and your girlfriend who is planning to go as Log Lady for Halloween this year! -Movieline
  • Prince Harry held a balloon in the wrong spot. -Dlisted
  • There’s a new Glee promo for next season and the girl “Soft Gabe” liked has pink hair now! I WONDER WHAT HE WOULD SAY? -Celebuzz
  • Oohh, and here’s a promo for the next season of Community in which they dance! -Splitsider
  • AMC has greenlighted (?) a Kevin Smith reality series that sounds terrible but then also one called JJK Security that does not sound terrible! Give and take. -Deadline
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  1. It’s Kevin Smith. But it’s AMC.

    I haven’t felt this much cognitive dissonance since Joe Mande forced Gilbert Arenas off the internet

  2. I cannot wait to try Snookie’s new fragrance called “Barf”. Also, Community!!! Yay!!!

  3. Speaking of Toddlers and Tiaras last week I was looking at a tumblr about it (called fytoddlersandtiaras, obviously) and the person who ran it was staunchly denying the possibility of Ava’s dad being gay. As in she was like “UM, he can’t be gay, he’s married and has a child!” and it was weird and upsetting and I haven’t talked to anyone about it until just now.

  4. What does it say that my first impulse is to watch the video despite a) a fairly strong warning away from it and b) being at work. LBT, rethink your decision making processes!

    Also, I was thinking about going as the Log Lady for halloween. I’m trite! Nooooo!!!!!

    • I was trying to decide what to be for Halloween, but now I am almost certain that I am going to be Dale Cooper and Facetaquito will be the Man From Another Place.

    • I was the Log Lady last Halloween, and was SO satisfied with myself until I showed up to the Halloween party and everyone else was “sexy cat” or “lara croft” or “sexy flapper” and I was in a bulky cardigan and scratchy wool skirt and carrying a log.

      This year, I say screw my lingering feminist ideals, I’m giving in and going sexy. Or I’m finding better Halloween parties. One of those two things.

  5. Sooo… does anyone wanna walk me through that video or should I just wiki it like I do with scary movies when I want to know the plot without watching the film?

  6. The Marilyn Manson video is pretty grim! It’s got BDSM themes and at least two murders. Not for the squeamish.

  7. I can’t even really work up the energy to be mad at Lucas anymore. It’s like getting mad at a baby for spitting up all down the back of your shirt. Baby can’t help it! Just had too much milk. What I’m saying is, I think somebody needs a nap.

  8. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan by any means (or at all), but I have begun to empathize with the fans who NEVER STOP COMPLAINING. I now feel about them what they feel about George Lucas. They are my Goerge Lucas!

    The complaining was much better during the 1997* re-releases. Just leave it alone, you’re ruining it.

    *Yes, I looked it up.

  9. I know this is late but I just want everyone to know that Intern Andrew is in love with the girl with pink hair that Soft Gabe liked. I love her. Give her my phone number.

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