It’s not box cat, but this week’s cat enjoys a ride on a Roomba, and only a cat could be this bored-looking while riding on a Roomba. This cat is already over Roombas:

I want to see a DOG on a Roomba. That would be something. (Via Cynical-C.)

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  1. Is that cat bored or just confused as hell?

  2. That was definitely no Box Cat but I do find it mildly amusing that the cat is completely unimpressed.

  3. does anyone know anyone who has a roomba?
    are they as awesome as they seem?
    as a smart consumer, and someone concerned about our economy, i know it’s important to do research about big ticket purchases, so i’m doing that now, here.

  4. I think they are better robots than vacuums.

  5. Well, this dog seems equally unimpressed, despite of the crazy surf music:


    So I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Lindsay.

  6. i’m really enjoying all the cat videos lindsay. please keep up the great work.

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