Watch Steve Burns (Steve from Blues Clues) talk about how his life as Steve-From-Blues-Clues affected him, and also about a date he went on once. It is interesting and he seems great! You deserve it!

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  1. Ber Bah BERRR!

  2. I went on a date with him once. It got weird when he asked what I thought he wanted to do that night, and I found blue paw prints on a condom, a bottle of lube, and 4a ball gag.

  3. He kept repeating things over and over again. And his hints to come upstairs really lacked subtlety.

  4. He made a pretty cool album called “Songs for Dustmites”:

  5. He does seem really cool. Now I feel guilty for always thinking Joe was cuter.

  6. Oh jeez, the bit at the end about how Make-a-Wish kids all know it’s the one thing they can do to make their parents happy, has just absolutely broken my heart here. No more heart for tizzdogg.

  7. I loved him on Blue’s Clues, and I love him in this. What a great post.

  8. What happened to his voice? I am more attracted to him now than as a 5th??? grader?

  9. this is just under a year old.. It’s a great story, but it is definitely from last October.

  10. I heard this on the Moth podcast. If you don’t get the Moth podcast, you should! They are all amazing and free and great for enjoying in traffic.

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