So many 9/11 coloring books aren’t made with any integrity and they are always shying away from the truth. This one’s different.

The thing about coloring books for children about horrific national tragedies that not only resulted in the unimaginable loss of human life but dramatically changed the world permanently, sowing an undercurrent of fear, anger, racism, and doubt into the fabric of daily life is that you really need a personalized video message from the CEO of the coloring book company. That’s how customers know that they can trust your product. Trust me. I already got burned on that Trail of Tears coloring book that was just for sale without ANY video message from the CEO of the coloring book company, so I won’t make that mistake again. You can buy yours here. I did. (Thanks for the tip, Dave.)

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  1. We’re gonna need a bigger brown crayon.

  2. Do you think it would be ok to just not tell little kids the truth about 9/11? Like, let them find out when they’re old enough to not be playing with coloring books? Or do they need to know The Facts before they pick up that sippy cup and face the day?

    • And why do I get the sense that the people who feel it’s necessary to teach 3-year-olds about 9/11 are the same people who think we shouldn’t teach teens about birth control?

      • Children’s literature is one of the best ways to show that you are passionate about something and also that you are terrible. PETA published a comic book called “Your Mommy Kills Animals.” Because they are awful.

    • i was able to skip the 6th grade thanks to coloring books the on Pearl Harbor, Slavery, Vietnam, and the Holocaust I got for my 4th birthday. Mom even put my JFK assasination page on the refrigerator.

    • exactly. my kid won’t have seen that (as i don’t have any yet), and so i won’t tell them about it. let the virginia public education system handle that one with the grace and fairness that it does so many other subjects.

  3. I would get this but I ran out of “terrorist brown”.

  4. very appropriate idea for a coloring book.

  5. 9/11 was an inside-the-lines job.

  6. oh, and this is really from teh coloring book:

  7. and this is really from the coloring book. really.

  8. Not to change the subject, but for a coloring book company, they really dropped the ball with Colin Powell.

  9. These colors don’t run.

    …unless left in the sun for over an hour.

  10. I’ll stick to buying Japanese Detainment Camp jig saw puzzles for my godchildren, thank you very much.

  11. My dad bought my younger brother a coloring book from this guy’s company back in the mid-90s. Had some black dude on the front of it.

  12. that company also has a tea party coloring book…..

  13. Why do I feel like the “Dinosaurs” coloring book is subtitled “Never existed”?

  14. Any child who forgets 9/11 goes immediately to bed without dessert in this household! Jimmy, did I just catch you forgetting 9/11 again?

  15. Also, this will surely backfire, with kids’ typical incessant asking why, why, why leading many parents to conversion experiences (“Yeah, kid, you got a point! Why? Why?”) into 9/11 troothers.

  16. This was alluded to already, but it could almost be a BNPG – the renaming of crayon colours so that we NEVER FORGET. Sorry – colors. I forgot.

  17. The book about “Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes” is actually about socialism BOOM NAILED IT

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