• Here are eight videos of dogs with their heads in yogurt cups, basically. -BWE
  • Does this “10 Biggest Flops of the Summer” list mean that summer is over???? Ugggghhh. I never went to the beach!! -FilmDrunk
  • Have you guys seen this Lanvin Fall/Winter promo video? With the models dancing? Everyone likes it a lot but I’m not sure if I really like it. It’s a FUN idea, sure, but these people don’t seem like they’re having a lot of fun. Why aren’t they having more fun? -TheDailyWhat
  • Here are some photos of Henry Cavill as Superman. Don’t look at them if you don’t want the thing that Superman always looks like spoiled for you. Spolier alert, looks like Superman except grosser. -Celebuzz
  • Holy moly Quentin Tarentino has terrible handwriting. I bet you cannot guess what this says without looking at the typed version. ”Geen a suutce fot yuut inspetation!” -LettersOfNote
  • Guess who allegedly wore a prosthetic penis to the VMAs?!!? “I couldn’t possibly guess.” – The whole world, in a sarcastic voice. -TheSuperficial
  • Salon makes an argument about why we should give remakes a chance, focusing on the upcoming Oldboy remake. My friend loves Oldboy and when I told him who was involved in this remake he said, “That could be good.” I’ve never seen Oldboy though so that’s why I’m saying this thing about this anonymous friend. CONVINCED? Ok read this now. -Salon
  • Here’s an interview with Patton Oswalt! -AV Club
  • Fall in love with, Jesus Christ, as if you needed to be in love with another celebrity Watch Danny Pudi in this music video! -Splitsider
  • Oh, this is cool! Movieline’s interactive Drive map. I think there are some spoilers though. So maybe hold off if you don’t want spoilers? I’m sorry to have gotten your hopes up. -Movieline
  • Oooohh, here is another one of those Just Jared panopticon except reverse video interviews, with Brooklyn Decker. FELLAS. -Just Jared
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  1. Never went to the beach? Pfft. It’s not too late!

    Here’s a secret us beach people know: September is the best time of year to go to the beach. The weather is still warm, the humidity is down, there are no crowds, and the ocean is warmest at the very end of summer. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

    • Yeah, late summer / early fall is the Best for swimming. Even in moderately sized lakes here in Wisconsin, people are like YOU’RE GOING SWIMMING IN OCTOBER?!?!? Then they go swimming on May 1st and spend the whole time shivering.

  2. I notice Tarantino has proudly added a third hump to his already-humpy letter m. Good for him. “You can never have too many humps.” -Quentin Tarantino (incorrect context)

  3. The best thing about that Lanvin video is that it is literally just a video of models playing Kinect Dance Central for the Xbox 360. Someone on another blog I read noticed that the dance moves and song are identical to those in the game:


    Which explains why the models look like they’re concentrating really hard! They’re scoring MEGA POINTS.

  4. I hold a grudge against Oldboy, because after I rented that for movie night, my friends placed a permanent ban against me choosing the movie to watch. Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day and SATC 2: The Reckoning get free passes? Blargh.

  5. I feel slightly sexually assaulted by that Superman costume.

    • I used to be a huge Superman nerd when I was a kid (like wearing Superman pajamas constantly and being Superman every halloween) but now I just don’t see the appeal at all– although I think at the time I mostly just thought the costume and ability to fly around were cool. I was never really into the comics that much, mostly just the Christopher Reeves movies, although my brother had the Death of Superman arc and I read that a couple times.

      I just hope they don’t tell the origin story for the ten millionth time. We get it! He was raised on a farm and was good at football or whatever! If they write him as more of a detached observer like Dr. Manhattan maybe he’d be interesting. I just never understood the focus on Lois and the Daily Planet and stuff, he never really seemed human enough for me to care about his love life or whether he preserves his secret identity.

  6. Good lord, you can nearly see his krytponuts.

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