Yesterday, the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced. NANCY GRACE! Hahaha. Good cast. You know what they used to call Nancy Grace in college don’t you? Old Silver Feet. Another cast member of the new season is going to be Chaz Bono, the post-op transgendered man formerly known as Chastity Bono, son of Sonny and Cher. Naturally, this has made some stupid asshole upset for no good reason. From Mediaite:

The hoards of angry and offended commenters swarming ABC’s announcement page voiced concern that “this will not be a family show any longer,” “anyone that obese and physically grotesque is no picnic to watch trying to dance,” and “I just don’t want that lifestyle choice continually flaunted in the media.” While many more commenters took up Bono’s defense, plenty claimed they would be abstaining from this cycle of competition.

Actually, that second disgusting comment about Chaz being obese and physically grotesque is a much more compelling argument than anything to do with his gender reassignment. I mean, God forbid Dancing with the Stars be about something other than the BEAUTY and GRACE of the HUMAN BODY IN MOTION. (?!?!?!) Nonsense. As is almost always the case with these things, I have no idea what kind of Mythical Transgender Agenda these goblins think is going to be promoted. Like, what? “It’s OK to live your life in any way that you find emotionally fulfilling because we only have so much time on this Earth and if you’re lucky you might get to humiliate yourself on national television in a reality competition show steeped in schadenfreude that pretends it has some kind of higher, gentler moral ideal but it doesn’t”? That Mythical Transgender Agenda? CURSES! It’s going to be crazy how many children decide they want to get an expensive and invasive surgical gender-reassignment procedure so that they, too, can get hateful and offensive comments from absolute strangers based on fear and ignorance. Who WOULDN’T want to make their lives more painful and difficult? It’s just one of the best lifestyle choices around. Such a fun choice.

Oh how I hate these bigots!

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  1. Gypsies, tramps and INTOLERANCE.

    • P.S. After reading the full article regarding the FURY and APOPLECTIC SUPER ANGER (or whatever) surrounding this issue I found myself actually wincing and feeling bad for people who chose to hide their homosexuality while competing as part of ‘American Idol’. I mean, really? You don’t want to alienate the viewers of a show so culturally insignificant that even its winners must surely realize their victory means nothing, absolutely nothing in regards to their future careers? You’re worried you’ll alienate viewers of a show that spawned ‘From Justin to Kelly’? Stop it. Stop doing that. Come out of the stupid closet already, you stupid dumdum fruits. Be proud of your orientation for heaven’s sake!

      • While I certainly appreciate your sentiment (right Son of Gabe?), it’s rarely that easy. For some, it’s an intensely hard thing to come out to family and friends, let alone to THE ENTIRE NATION. I know for me, I wouldn’t be immediately forthcoming with my homosexuality on TV, simply because it doesn’t define me. Some people identify themselves like that, which is great (except you, Adam Lambert, you’ve brought gay rights back about 20 years)! But for some, their homosexuality isn’t all they are.

        • I don’t think anyone defines themselves solely by their sexual orientation, just as I’m sure Chaz Bono isn’t concerned with people identifying him solely as a transgender man. So if it seemed as if I was implying as much I apologize, since that’s an unrealistic perspective. And after all, aren’t these shows really more about the DANCE or the MUSIC than anything else? I’m guessing? Anyway, I still think it’s sad that people went out of their way to dilute themselves so as to appeal to a broader demographic. It would really help young people who may watch these shows and are discovering their own orientations to have openly gay and proud role models. Keeping that kind of thing a secret is simply sad and dispiriting to me.

          And for the record Gabe is not my father, though if I was being electrocuted I’m sure he would throw the person electrocuting me off a balcony while screaming ‘NO!’.

          • What do you mean people don’t define themselves by their sexual orientation? I mean, I’m not gay, but I’ve seen almost every episode of Will And Grace, so I’m practically an expert, and if there’s one thing that show has taught me, it’s that at least 50% of all gay men are just suuuuuuuper gay and that’s like their whole lives.

          • Oh, no offense intended, I was just noting that I think the “Just come out already!” argument takes on a whole new meaning on the GLOBAL scale.

            But to your point that no one is defined by their sexual orientation – I think I’d fill in the little bubble “strongly disagree” on the survey. Adam Lambert is very much defined by his homosexuality, Perez Hilton also comes to mind. They’re one dimensional. Which, again, is perfectly fine! But sometimes you can’t control that in the public eye (looking at you Ricky Martin). Think of it this way: I used to hide my sexuality at a place I used to work at. Not strongly, but, like, instead of saying “my boyfriend,” I’d say “my roommate.” It wasn’t because I wasn’t proud or ashamed. I just didn’t want to be “the gay guy” at work. It’s more hassle than it’s worth, so I just never brought it up. I think it would be the same way on TV. I wouldn’t want to be “the gay guy” who is doing so well on American Idol, I’d rather be the guy with the great voice who’s doing so well on American Idol.

        • I like how everyone complaining about it just ASSUMES that it’s going to be a Big Deal on the show. Do they really think that ABC is even going to mention it?

          Are the judges going to say “That was a pretty good dance, plus you are transgender. Next time try working on your footwork more. Also you are a transgender.”

          If anything they might try to play up Chaz “difficult struggle with being different” or whatever for pathos, but I have a 100% hunch that they will not explicitly mention being transgender. Of course, I’ve never watched the show so maybe all they do is talk about the sex organs of the contestants.

      • no, YOU are a stupid dumdum fruit. ha! got you. i’m going to be calling people dumdum fruits all day. all day. ♥

  2. “more like Chaz Bon0bama” – internet commenter, absolutely

  3. Listen, I only get so much time on this earth and I find myself to be most emotionally fulfilled by rampant bigotry, so… agree to disagree?

  4. I am offended by the horrible human being agenda being pushed down my throat with most of the rest of the cast

  5. It’s a good thing people are focused on the phony LGBT agenda and ignoring the real life, bigoted right wing nihilist agenda.

  6. The potential for a Nancy Grace / Chaz Bono love story to unfold out of this season is too good to be true.

  7. I love* how, to some, any acknowledgement, no matter how oblique, of a lifestyle that runs contrary to one’s own, is “pushing it down their throats.” To quote Six Feet Under: news flash – other people exist.

    *replace love with HAAAAAAAATEEE

  8. Maybe it’s a crossover season “Dancing with the Biggest Loser”

    • (p.s. I mean that in the losing weight sense, because I totally do not think Chaz is a loser in the regular loser sense. In my opinion, he is one really brave dude.)

    • “I agree with ONLY that part of this fucking atrocious “news” story. Just because The Biggest Loser and Dancing With the Stars are both wildly popular, does NOT mean we are interested in seeing which fat celebrity can improve the most by the end of his or her tenure on there.

      Sure, Kirstie Alley pulling a Saddam Hussein Statue move on the dance floor got some notoriety, but for anyone who actually watches the show, I’m sure they don’t watch it like NASCAR, hoping for someone to crash.”

      -An opinionated anonymous Videogum commen—dammit, it posted as Mailman

  9. ABC should take advantage of this “scandal” and have Kevin Bacon give a speech about how everyone is allowed to dance on the season premiere. That, or just not worry about it because they know the people commenting already watch big-time wrestling during that time slot. I’m thinking too much about this stupid show.

    • Exactly. He should say: “Nobody puts baby in a corner. Now let’s all get back to dancing…dirty dancing (with the stars)”

      Nailed it!


  10. I just like how whoever wrote that article snuck an abstinence/chastity joke. Under the radar puns!

  11. and to think people were shooting their televisions when Bristol Palin was on!

    i am really looking forward to seeing what all the raving lunatics that don’t have seisures upon hearing Nancy Grace talk are going to do once Chaz dazzles them with his twinkle toes.

  12. I think it’s fair to be concerned about the impact this season will have on our children. I for one do not look forward to answering those tough questions like “Daddy, how are any of these people considered stars?”

    • this reminds me of the louis ck bit, where a female audience member on some shitty day time talk show complains about having to explain to her son what it means to be gay…louis’ response, though not verbatim, went something like…

      “what, so i’m supposed to care because you don’t want to take 5 minutes to talk to your shitty kid? who gives a fuck, he’s probably a faggot anyways!”

      hehehe. anyways, her it is in the flesh

  13. When I saw the headline on yahoo of the DWTS cast, it listed Bono as one of the competitors. I immediately thought that Bono from U2 was going to be on the show, not realizing the headline list was of last names.

    I do not watch this show, but I’m glad Bono’s sunglasses won’t be flaunted around any more than they already are.

    Seriously though, I can’t believe how much hatred people have. It’s disgusting. I worry about humanity.

  14. Just here to remind everyone that Ron Artest is on this mess.

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  16. Somewhere, Carson Kresley is jumping up and down with a neon sigh on his back flashing “G-A-Y GAY GAY GAY,” weeping.

  17. I also heard that some asshole was mad that Nancy Grace was going to be on OH BUUUUURRNN!

  18. “hordes,” not “hoards,” Zara Golden. –some English teacher who reads Mediaite

  19. Fat People dancing = Pure awesomenes + GIF opportunities.

    Look at that chin right there. Tell me it doesn t put a smile on your face.

  20. & the dance partner?

  21. You know, I’m not going to watch this season? (Because honestly the only person I know is Ricki Lake, and I just find this cast… uninteresting.) But since people want to make such a big stink about Chaz, I might just leave the TV on and have the viewer count go up.

    Just because. Not sure how much it will ACTUALLY work but whatever i do what i want.

  22. At this point I think we should probably just go ahead and petition Gabe and Kelly to do recaps of this season of DWTS.

  23. Gender, race or orientation are not accomplishments… he’s famous for what? What has he accomplished? Nothing…

  24. “The hoards of angry and offended commenters swarming ABC’s announcement page” = Rick Santorum campaign staffers. $20 bucks says he’s behind this.

  25. This episode of DWTS is guided by the media, to continually shove the “gay faggot lifestyle” down our throats by entering such jokes as Carson Kresley and the big fat “IT” she/he/it Chaz Bono!

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