There are very few people who become famous simply for being themselves, and that is how it should be. Who even wants that? It’s not a very good idea. Amy Sedaris, however, has managed exactly this trick and we are all the better for it. (Seems worth pointing out that there are people who get famous for no other reason than their relentless self-promotion and lack of God-given shame: Kim Kardashian comes to mind, but these people aren’t famous for being themselves. They’re famous because of their relentless self-promotion and lack of God-given shame. It’s a very different thing!) Anyway, Amy Sedaris was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night Amy Sedaris-ing up the place, and it was just fantastic. She is so funny and great! I mean, I don’t know her in person, maybe she’s awful. But she sure seems funny and great on television, and isn’t that what it’s all about?! You know what I think my favorite thing about her whole public persona thing is? It’s completely open and welcoming. Let me explain: it’s a well-known fact at this point that people like you and me are stupid pieces of shit who spend far too much of their time worrying about what other people think of them, and classifying their enthusiasms and interests along an intensely confusing and political scale in some kind of endless intellectual/cultural/aesthetic pissing contests. So, for example, things can fall in and out of favor depending on who else likes or dislikes them at a given time. Not so with Amy Sedaris! There’s no sense of ownership that some people get about that kind of thing (“I was into Shia LaBeouf when he was on Project Greenlight” – something someone actually said to me once.) If you are an Amy Sedaris fan and you meet someone who has not watched her make a cake with Martha Stewart, all you want to do is show them that clip. EVERYBODY GET ON BOARD THE AMY SEDARIS TRAIN! THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM! IT’S NICE IN HERE!

OK, here she is last night:

Putting on a fashion show:

Cooking hot dogs on a rake:

Amy Sedaris, you guys. I know you’re probably already on board, but get on board some more.

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  1. Your friend is a sellout; I was into Shia Labeouf when he was on Freaks and Geeks!

  2. But Anne Hathaway’s rap on Conan…That was really candid and her being herself, right? not to mention hilarious!

    Love Amy Sedaris

  3. If I ever find myself writing a screenplay for a Lifetime movie, I’ll look to that rake for inspiration.

  4. Oh man, Amy Sedaris really is the best. Does anyone else have her hospitality book? It is pie gif good. It is double pie gif good.

    • I have that book and I love it. I recently even gave it to a friend as a wedding present! It went over very well.

      • That is the best wedding present ever. Fuck tea towels, everyone is getting this book from me. Even if I already gave it to them. They need a backup. Perhaps several.

        • But that doesn’t work, because wedding gifts are inherently THE WORST. My brother’s wedding registry pissed me off even just looking at it. After waffling between the $150 salt and pepper shakers and the $80 grape serving tray (GRAPE SERVING TRAY), I decided to go off-registry.

          • i just gave one of my good friends 16 corn cob holders and a trash can….if i had given just him that for his birthday people would think i was absolutely insane. “BUT HE ASKED FOR IT!” i’d say, and they would all laugh at me.

          • Umm, do you suggest some other way to serve grapes? I’m sure we’d all love to have two beautiful Greek women in togas serve us grapes, but that’s a bit extravagant, and unfortunately out of my price range. Until such time as I can work that into my budget, some of us will just have settle for grape serving trays.

        • If they already have “I Like You”, give them “Simple Times”, her craft book!! Problem SOLVED!

  5. God bless the Sedaris family!

  6. It’s almost hard to believe how on board I am right now. I’m so on board that I’m almost walking off the other side. Really, really on board.

  7. i remember when i boarded the Sedaris train…i was watching her on Letterman [she's good here, but she kills on Letterman b/c all she does is try to make him laugh, so its liked weird times 10] and she did some taped field bit on going to the oscars or the grammys and was just ungodly funny and i was like “who is THIS?!” and then looked it up and found out she was the same woman from Strangers with Candy [very funny stuff] and that was like 10 years ago….before Shai LeBouf was on Project Greenlight.

    • Watching her Letterman “interviews” on YouTube is what got me through college, no joke. “Here’s another fun fact: snakes don’t have ears!” And the knitted iPhone…oh my god.

  8. I watched ‘Old Dogs’ on Netflix Instant before listening to the ‘How Did This Get Made?’ podcast and Amy Sedaris’ 20 second cameo was by far the best part of that film. I don’t mean for that to sound like damning with faint praise because her appearance genuinely lifted my spirits and made me happy. She’s a goof and a dork and also beautiful and yes please, you’re the best, Ms. Sedaris.

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  10. Now I really want to watch it but HULU won’t play in my country…

  11. My love for Amy is an endless rainbow.

  12. Does anybody have Amy Sedaris’ email? I just have to ask her a question real quick.

  13. its kind of crazy to think that “strangers with candy” was on when i was 13, who knew my eccentric taste in crazy comedies would stay with me forever

  14. Hey! She mentioned me!

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