• Please watch Alison Brie and Dani Pudi’s video for the song they wrote that is my favorite song of all time. -Dan Eckman
  • Oh and speaking of, here’s your first look at the next season of Community! It looks good! It looks like Community! -PopCultureBrain
  • This new or whatever Kim Kardashian song only sounds like a Subtle Sexuality song. -Radar
  • Nineteen comedy podcasts that should already exist, including a guy you might recognize! Or I guess lots of those but I’m just saying there’s one person in particular in this list who you might know! You know what I mean! -Splitsider
  • Will the Ides of March in fact be the handsomest movie ever? AND the most charming? AND the most getting me to see a film I would probably otherwise not see if other people were in it? -FilmDrunk
  • Do you already think surfing is dangerous? Do you wish surfers wouldn’t connect themselves to their boards because you understand why they do it but it really makes you nervous? Well wait until you get a load of THIS VIDEO! It’s a guy surfing with a flare. -TheDailyWhat
  • Lindsay Lohan, your favorite person to hear news about, is Tweeting at Chris Brown, your OTHER favorite person to hear news about, it a way that is weird! -TheSuperficial
  • OMG guys Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux moved into a new place and guess who lives up the street MATTHEW PERRY! It’s like real life friends! Where’s Monica?!?! -Celebuzz
  • Would you like to read the extended opening scene of Say Anything that Cameron Crowe released recently? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you. -Movieline
  • Ooohh and here’s an interview with Rachel Dratch! “You’re retahded.” “You ah.” RIGHT?? The thing she did in that one sketch on SNL! Get it? -HuffPo
  • “Even suicide won’t give reality TV a conscience” — a Salon article about you know what and then the Bravo special about it. Ugh ugh ugh. -Salon
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  1. If Gabe, Max and Rich started a podcast I would scream and then immediately start listening. Keep in mind I also scream when I see a mouse or a sale on designer shoes. ‘EEEK!’ – Me

    So excited for ‘Community’. I started listening to a podcast within the last month or so and the hosts kept complaining about how the second season wasn’t ‘funny’. Um, look, I really like said podcast and its hosts, and I don’t wanna say they’re wrong, but … they’re wrong. ‘Community’ is just fantastic. Duh.

  2. Oh god that music video. My face hurts from all the smiling it made me do.

  3. Community is coming back! I am so excited to see Community again. Yay Community! Yay Abed! Yay Dean!

  4. I’ve done some heavy thinking, but here is a fantastic idea:

    Videogum: The Podcast

    I don’t have anything beyond that. Sorry, I’m more of an ideas guy.

  5. bruce irons! hey new yorkers, this dude is going to be all up in your state this week for that long beach surf contest.

  6. “Too Many Feet” is already my most played song on iTunes. I love it that much.

  7. I’m actually not going for my lowest votes EGOT, but I’ll take it. (Also I’m in a bad mood because my new work computer is 14 inches high but functioning at a 1600 x 900 desktop so everything I see is essentially in 2 point font. And if any of you nerds know how to fix this without installing a graphics card — what is now the consensus — I will upvote you for eternity.)

    But here’s the thing about podcasts… they only work if the person is as entertaining on radio as they are in person. Many of these people listed honed their comedy in a mannerism/facial expression/body language AND verbal cue way… and if you lose that, it makes what should be an amazing podcast kind of meh if not painful. I know that I can only sit through certain episodes of the Nerdcast and that is only if I have a massive talent crush on the guest. (Or it’s Doctor Who because yeah, it’s just a problem now…) But Marc Maron is one of my favorite comics of all time and I can’t listen to WTF at all, even if I’m driving across the country. Maybe if I had time to kill doing manual labor or gardening, but nope (I’m a terrible gardener). Even then I’d prefer a Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. (Conversely, I cannot watch This American Life on television…)

    And because of this I think stuff like Max and Gabe’s webcast (or 99 percent of the others) would suffer as a podcast because half of the fun of it is their mannerisms and expressions. (And the nature of the content… plus, socks!)

    But also, so many comics’ podcasts come down to the dirty details of being funny and I’d like to preserve my idea of Gabe/Kelly as such:

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