“Nailed it!” – Staiv Jobes

Here are some other great Labor Day movies for you to enjoy:

  • Birth of a Nation
  • They Live!
  • Let’s Throw Baby From the Train
  • There’s Something Pregnant About Mary
  • C-Sectioning Sarah Marshall

Am I doing this right? iTunes, am I doing this right? (Image via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. How about A Raisin in the Bun in the Oven?

  2. The Born Identity

  3. Not recommended: Inside.

  4. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Every Night For The Next 20 Years?

  5. This just makes me think of Netflix’s always surreal line of questioning. For example:

    ‘How often do you watch fight-the-system movies like Watership Down and The Jetsons: The Movie’?

    Actual question. Thank you Netflix! Thank you Internet!

  6. The Italian J-OB GYN

  7. This Must Be the Placenta

  8. But seriously, are there any real Labor Day movies?

  9. Three Men and a Baby being born to a woman.

  10. Ovaries Not Included

  11. When Harry Impregnated Sally

  12. I’m just watching this gif all Labor Day weekend.

  13. Forrest Bump.

  14. Baz Luhrmann’s Lamaze-tralia

  15. Unhappy Feet

  16. Rosemary’s Baby

  17. Baby, Stupid, Love.

  18. “Birth at a Funeral” / “Baby Dead-y ”

    (zombie baby double feature)

  19. Oozing Isiah

  20. Dilate M for Murder

  21. Journey to the Placenta of the Earth

  22. On the Water Birth

  23. Midwives’ Night In Paris

  24. Larry’s Crown(ing)

  25. I don’t have a joke, but I love the idea of a movie called “Let’s Throw Baby From the Train” as the most perfect form of anti-entertainment since Funny Games.

  26. Push Push, Bang Bang

  27. “It’s just like in those silly Bing! commercials! that happens to me every time i go on the google to find a good recipe.” – your mom

  28. Sid and Pregnancy

  29. You’ve Got Male!

  30. Episiotomy, Myself &Irene

  31. Four Shotgun Weddings and a Funeral

  32. Is that… is that my last name?

  33. Edward Forcepshands

  34. Trading Placentas
    Dilate “B” for Baby

  35. There will be Blood

  36. Nine 1/2 months

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