Oh man, this is GREAT news! On a related note, you can currently watch the first season of Luther on Netflix Instant, so, uh, go do that? Even if you’ve already seen the first season of Luther you should probably go do that.

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  1. YES! Finally, more Theses!

  2. But WHERE do I see the second season of Luther?!?!…catch up BBC America!!

    • You can find it streaming illegally in some dark corners of the internet … but be forewarned the whole season is only four episodes! I busted through all four in one sitting without realizing that was all there was and was filled with some very Luther-like rage.

      • There are precious few shows worth spelunking the Internet Hell that is free streaming television websites, but Luther is definitely one.

      • I still haven’t watched the fourth episode. I flew through the first 3, but it was late at night & the whole baseball bat/ hammer thing was freaking me out, so I waited.

        • Oh god, the hammer. They really stepped it up in the scary baddies dept. this season. Alice looks like a kindly saint by comparison.

          • All I kept picturing was him hitting people with the claw of the hammer. I’m not sure if he was, but either was, it was really disturbing. I agree, while season one had its own creepy oral-fixated killers, season 2 was stepped up a bit.

      • Dag. I did not realize the fourth episode was the last one.
        I just thought they were taking a really long time with the remaining two.

        What I am saying is that I am very smart and should certainly have my own show where I solve crimes.

    • I believe it will be coming to BBC America as part of their “Dramaville” thing.

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  4. Awesome! Man, if it wasn’t for Videogum & some of you Monsters, I would have never watched so many great tv show, like this or the MIsfits.

    -Videogum, enabling my TV addiction since 2009-2012

  5. maybe we will finally find out where the fuck wallace is. seriously though, this show is pretty great. and sticking with the bbc/the wire alumni, does/did anyone watch the hour? it was pretty great as well, and featured dominic west (mcnulty). weee!

  6. We don’t call them “seasons.” We call them “series.” We all had a big lorry about this one, old chap.–The British

  7. Any other BBC fanatics love that Jane Eyre is psycho Alice?

  8. I feel like such a bad anglophile for not having yet seen this show.

  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sounds like Idris got my message to do more Luther episodes…

  11. But where is Alice in series 2?? I need a wide mouthed psychopath on Luther’s side to make me feel less uneasy about the hammersmashers!

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