Good grief, how many times does she have to say it? MORE SAND! This is a good idea, though. Maybe if we just pile the sand high enough, and pack it tight enough, and refuse to answer simple questions, but remain cute about it the whole time, maybe our parents will leave us here and we can live in this summer FOREVER! (Summer’s almost over, guys. Better GET BURIED.) (Via RatsOff.)

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  1. What a weird looking sandpeople origin story from the Star Wars Blu Ray

  2. Wait, that’s sand? I thought it was a towel! And I guess that wasn’t Andrew Garfield crawling towards her either, huh?

  3. So glad they cut this video before they got to the part with the honey and fire ants.


  5. You mean all these years I’ve been burying my HEAD in the sand, I’ve been doing it wrong?!?!?!?!?

  6. Wow, the American remake of Woman in the Dunes took a few liberties, I see.

  7. “Blah, Blah, Something, Something, Debt Crisis, Blah, Blah, Republicans, Democrats, Ron Paul, Something, Blah, America”

  8. Although he’s no longer with us, I’m glad to see Leslie Nielsen’s legacy lives on.

  9. Baby, I think you’ve had enough sand for today. I’m cutting you off.

  10. must be sam raimi’s kid. that’s the only real explaination for spiderman 3.

  11. “She was asking for it.” – The mother being interviewed by police

  12. I just knew that David Lynch’s director’s cut of Dune would be a mindscrew.

  13. It’d be horrific if this is what less sand looked like….

  14. 2011: More sand!

    2031: More beer!

  15. Me: What a great post. Too bad there are already about 20 comments, someone will have made all the good Crucible jokes already.

    What the hell, Monsters? If there was anywhere on the internet that should be responding to a video of a baby asking for more sand with offhand referenes to Giles Corey, it should be Videogum! I’m so disappointed in you.

  16. This girl seems so young! She can barely talk! STOP BAITING YOUR CHILD!!!

  17. “i hate sand, its course, rough and irritating, and it GETS EVERYWHERE.

    not like you. you are everything soft and smooth.”

    - george lucas

  18. Uhh, that baby is terrible at English. This is like when I teach my daughter to say “tits” instead of “nurse” so she’ll say it in public (my wife does not appreciate this). But when I do it it’s hilarious. When Sand Lady does it it’s teetering on felony.

  19. The baby was saying more sand but his or her face was sayin …ok mom you finally got your stupid internet video enough!!!

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