• Chris Pratt, best guy ever from Parks & Rec, will be in three movies coming out this fall. That’s a lot! He spoke with Movieline about how he handles both being the best and being in so many movies that are coming out in the fall. -Movieline
  • Here’s a sneak peek of John Goodman as Vice Dean on the upcoming season of Community! That is going to be great. Can’t wait for that to come back. -THR
  • So I guess Deadline recently reported that Martin Scorsese would be doing a remake of The Gambler. This was news to writer of The Gambler, James Toback, who has since written a million-word angry letter as a response for Deadline. Movie guys, am I right. FilmDrunk has taken a look at this exciting and confusing Hollywood mix-em-up!  -FilmDrunk
  • Holy Moly look at how much fabric Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in these photos. -Just Jared
  • Hey wasn’t that dress weird and scary? Why not chill out with this video of a cat closing a lid. Monday! -TheDailyWhat
  • This story about Shia LeBeouf is sad and kind of scary and I wish I didn’t know about it but one thing that I do love about it is how Marilyn Manson is best friends with Louis Stevens. -The Superficial
  • If there is one thing everyone loves it is when they are on the subway and someone decides to make the subway the them-show. Starring them. Doing yoga. This is very well documented. -BWE
  • It’s Courtney Stodden’s 17th birthday today. I can’t believe how much her Twitter account honestly makes me a little bit nauseated, in a way that I do have to hand it to her for because Jesus Christ she is really going for it full speed 110% so gross. Happy Birthday! -Celebuzz
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt won’t stop doing covers until NO ONE is charmed anymore. -Stereogum
  • Salon takes a look at pop culture surrounding 9/11 — how some of it dealt with it head on, and some of it seemed to deal with it though it was actually unintended. Plus it’s a slideshow! You love slideshows. -Salon
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  1. Courtney Stodden’s twitter is amazing and gross. It’s, like, soft, gooey, giggling pornish tweets mixed with hallelujahs and Bible verses? It’s like a retarded Marilyn Monroe crossed with your ultra-religious aunt?


    Some choice ones: “Softly kissing my exhilarated body with God’s sweet suns beaming warmth and it’s touchable light. Mmm this is stimulating! :-)Wait, you’re kissing yourself? What? Who’s doing the kissing??

    “Gratifying our glorious Lord for all of the beauty that He continuously blesses each and every one of us with. Thank you, Jesus! XO’s ;-x” How are your gross tweets “gratifying” the Lord??

    “Stepped my paws into a sexy wet cat-suit; Prowling mysteriously around the house while lickin’ my lips searchin’ for some nip! MEEEOWWW! ;-)Again, what? Grosss. Gross. Gross. You’re 17!!!

    • i read this book once called “female chauvinist pig” and it was about how women embrace raunch culture in an attempt to “rise above” being a woman but ultimately in detriment to themselves and women in general. theres this section about you girls learning what it means to be Sexy and getting very good at being Sexy but actually having no idea what they find actually sexy or want from a sexual relationship at all. all this to say that there is no way courtney stodden has ever had an orgasm.

  2. I really, really wish Joseph Gordon-Levitt would stop doing things that make me ashamed to love him

  3. Sorry SJP, but that dress looks like your “Mrs. Devil” Halloween costume.

  4. I love the story of how Michael K. WIlliams has wound up on Community. Dan Harmon watched The Wire for the first time in-between seasons. He adored Omar so much that he got in touch with Michael K. WIlliams and wrote a character for him on Community. The end.

    “Prepare your mind for a MIND EXPLOSION!”
    That’s some Illusionators-style showbiz magic.

    • kaaa-aaa-aaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaa…
      ka ka ka ka ka?
      kaaaaaaaa… kaaaaaaaaaaa…

  5. Courtney’s twitter feed actually looks a lot like mine. E.g.:

    Seductively skimming the job boards for a luscious sunkissed entry-level job. Meeoowww!

  6. I can’t figure out why people aren’t more impressed when I brag at length about how I’ve liked Chris Pratt since he was on The O.C.

  7. I was going to read that Shia LaBeouf article for a laugh, but then I realized that I CAN’T EVEN DO THAT because I read this word – spoonfed – as SPOONFed.

    Because spoonfing is a thing people do. I give up.

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