I know we’re all pretty excited for the reboot of Spider-Man next summer starring Andrew Garfield from The Social Network, and Emma Stone from the #1 movie in America (not a joke!) The Help directed by Mark Webb, who is best known for (500) Days of Summer. Adventure! Excitement! Romance! Heroes! But now there is an even better reason to be excited: ARACHNOID VERISIMILITUDE! From NME:

[Andrew Garfield]: I studied spiders, I studied their movements and how they operate in the world and I tried to incorporate as much of that as I could. He’s a boy/spider in terms of how he moves, and not just in the suit. It also shapes the way he interacts with people.

I looked at the idea of having more legs, more arms, and the spacial awareness. A spider moves up, down, side-to-side, all around. He’s not linear and with the knowledge of that spatial awareness and the fact that he can be here and then over there incredibly fast.

“I LOOKED AT THE IDEA OF HAVING MORE LEGS.” Hahhahaha. I bet you did! “A SPIDER MOVES UP, DOWN, SIDE-TO-SIDE, ALL AROUND.” Is Andrew Garfield an actor, or a picture book about spiders. Also WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?! I studied spiders. Unbelievable. “Spiders and their webs are actually a highly resonant metaphor for the decentralized control organization of modern terrorism cells, and I used that to inform my battle with the Green Boglin.” OK, I made that last one up. But do they give out Oscars just for behind-the-scenes interviews? Because this one is TOPS!

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  1. I studied cats who love lasagna and HATE Mondays to be more like Andrew Garfield.

  2. I saw Andrew Garfield method acting in my house. I wanted to kill him with my shoe, but my husband just found the biggest piece of tupperware we had, scooped him up and threw him outside.

  3. Snooze alert! Wake me up when Rhys Ifans goes crocodile wrestling.

  4. Acting on Emma Stone’s advice, he spoke extensively with several older Black Widow spiders about their place in society.

  5. I feel like the director was really just chosen because of his last name.

  6. Yep, he nailed it. The key to this character isn’t human pathos, but the ins and outs of a spider’s routine existence. He understands how to tug those heart strings a little too well, if you ask me.

  7. He continued his method approach by sitting on tuffets and frightening young women eating curds and whey.

  8. I don’t think we should be too harsh on him. He’s just doing whatever he can to get into the role.

    • I totally see how him saying all this sounds completely crazy and stupid and silly. What a pompous, “hey look I’m an artist” thing to say. And I don’t really know why he’s sharing it in that way. Actor processes are usually weird and strange and personal and (as we can see) easy to deride and discount.

      BUT some actors do prefer movement/physical based approaches to their work, and paying attention to these details can help actors find a way in, find something for them to actively work on while they are rehearsing/performing. Just saying your lines sometimes isn’t enough. It can be way more effective than “method” or psychological probing, because it’s coming from external sources rather than dredging up inner angst from your deep dark soul.

      Whatever works. More power to you Andrew Garfield. This actually makes me more excited for the Spiderman reboot than before.

      Actually that’s mostly because I didn’t know Emma Stone was in it.

      • Actually, I was just making a stupid joke involving Spiderman’s theme song. But yeah, your thing too, I guess.

        • Right. I had to sing the theme song a bit to figure that out, but I’m back on track.

          Sorry. So much theatre nerding/Spiderman nerding going on over here. I’ll websling myself out.

      • I agree that this isn’t something that’s as funny as we’re making it out to be. He probably thought, “Ok, I’m Peter Parker/Spiderman, a man who possesses abilities like a spider. How should I act and move as a person who has had his genetic code mutated to be like a spider?… Well, how do spiders move?” Research. I don’t think this is as silly as his rehearsed answer.


      • So I go to acting school (boo! ~you guys) and… Honestly, if Andrew Garfield DIDN’T at least go as far as studying the movement of a spider, he would get low marks in my movement class and my teacher would call him lazy and the whole class would shun him forever.

        I’m being only SLIGHTLY facetious here. More so truthful, it’s about 60% truthful and 40% sarcastic. More often than not when Gabe posts about an actor in an interview (excluding the genuinely indulgent Gweneth ones) it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth, like because something sounds goofy and foreign in the non-put-on-costumes-and-play-make-believe world most of the readers here inhabit that it needs to be expanded upon and mocked. I have a good amount of fun pointing out the rampant pretension in my chosen profession a lot of the time, but this is a man studying how spiders move because he’s PLAYING A SPIDER-MAN. That’s actually one of the more logical things I’ve heard. Hell, Daniel Day-Lewis moves out to the woods and builds a cabin when the role calls for it.

  9. Andrew Garfield’s reading material

  10. That is the most pretentious thing I have ever heard.

    Also, I studied various apartments, lease agreements, and landlords for my role in Rent.

  11. “Did you know spiders *cannot* actually turn off the dark?” – Andrew Garfield

  12. Andrew Garfield has been hiding in the darkest corner of Jeff Daniels’ house for the last six days.

  13. How many hours do you think he spent on Facebook in preparation for the Social Network? Or did he just have to hang out with socially awkward people for days on end.

    • Actually, I liked Andrew Garfield in the Social Network. I cared about his character more than the others. He may have been my favorite part of that movie, which I thought was sort of overrated.

      He is also in the movie adaptation of Never Let Me Go (which is a great book!) and I look forward to seeing him in that.

      So, keep on studying spiders, Andrew!

  14. “I also spent a month mastering the Difficult level of Spider Solitaire” -Andrew Garfield

  15. christian bale is going to go full retard in batman three: batmens batmenserer

  16. Be careful, you guys!! Andrew Garfield hid in my coworker’s boot last year, and it bit her, and she ended up in the hospital. I know that is just his reaction to being scared, but yikes!

  17. doesn’t he realize that while he was sitting in his room studying spiders to play a superhero, some actual actors were out there actually being superheros?

    psh, some “method” actor he is.

  18. Just read the fucking comic book, asshole.

  19. i studied being the worst and frightening little children to be a better betty draper – january jones

    • It’s never the wrong time or place for a January Jones Joke*!

      *hereafter known as “JJJ” and you are very welcome for that timesaver, my pleasure.

  20. Since being bit by that radioactive spider, I no longer experience time linearly, and I have extra arms. I get so much done now!

  21. I’m fine with this method acting as long as he doesn’t spin out of control and eat Jeff Goldblum.

  22. Interestingly, Joe Quesada studied how to be a terrible person to prepare for “One More Day.”

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