Remember Millionaires? “Brokencyde for girls”? They’re terrible! (See also: this.) Well, now you can donate money on kickstarter to fund their debut album and also get a trip to…Disneyland with them? Fun trip. How much money do you even have? Give them all of it. Brava. Watch what happens.

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  1. I really love that a “band” called Millionaires cannot afford to record their first album.

  2. Errr, can’t they afford to fund their own damn album? They’re millionaires.

  3. How much to get them to stop making music? I think we can all combine our piggy banks and make that happen

  4. Guys, if we donate $40, they will send us “Millionaire Condoms.” I don’t even want to know what that means.

  5. Can we pitch in enough money for Gabe to Skype with them?

  6. something something bailouts for millionaires something obama – every yahoo commenter

  7. They’re already booked for next summers GOP convention, though they’ve been asked to perform under the name “The Job Creators”.

  8. Only $375 dollars to go on a date with a couple young girls? Somebody send this to Jim Carrey.

  9. I was feeling really good about how little money they were making, with the low low counts of the $1, $2, etc. But then I got to the expensive ones that are all sold out…

    • This is the internet. I can almost assure you that the people who are making those donations don’t have anywhere near the funds needed to cover them.

  10. They seem like such nice young laaadOHMYGOD my ears are BLEEDING!!!

  11. “Since WE wear army pants & flip flops, we will buy YOU army pants & flip flops ;) (in your size & signed) + Skype with you + follow you on twitter + @ reply you!”

    There is nothing that I can add to this to make it more hilarious.

  12. I would suggest starting a Kickstarter that would create a fund from which you could pay people not to fund the Millionaires album.

  13. too late, they’re funded. This on the other hand, appears to be struggling:

  14. It might be kind of fun to go to Disneyland with them, at least, in a have-some-ridiculous-stories-to-tell kind of way. Sure, you’d probably want to strangle them by the end of the day, but at least you wouldn’t have to listen to their music. Unless they constantly walk around with a boombox blasting it, which now that I think about it wouldn’t surprise me at all nevermind.

  15. In the wake of post-music acts like Lil B and Kreayshawn, I’m not entirely sure that Millionaires isn’t just an elaborate in-joke on all of us.

  16. I glanced at the cover image of the new Radiohead remix 12″ over at P4 and was sure one of the titles was “GIVE UP THE GHOST (BROKENCYDE RMX).” It actually said BROKENCHORD, but that was an interesting second or two of confusion.

  17. Go to hell, all of you.

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