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  1. Looking forward to the kids characters Ronald McWahlburg and everyone’s favorite, the Wahlburglar.

  2. Every burger will be exactly the same but will have different names for some reason

  3. If you visit Atlanta, com eat at Godsausages!

  4. In related news, Nic Cage opens a birdcage store called Why the Caged Bird Sings.

  5. Oh please have a specialty burg-ah called “The Right Stuff,” Wahlburgers. Is that too much to ask?

    • Step 1: Prepare the bun
      Step 2: Put some cheese on there too
      Step 3: I am getting hungry
      Step 4: I need to make more
      Step 5: Oh no it’s alive

  6. I’ll take the Wahlburger with extra PAH!

  7. It’s too bad this is the last season of Entourage. Otherwise we’d be able to look forward to the Chase brothers getting into the restaurant business, almost losing it all, and then seeing their restaurant turn into an unprecedented success.

  8. I’m gonna order the Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh-NION rings!

  9. I can’t wait to snarky snark at that funky lunch.

  10. I heard he already hired Donnie to man the grill.

  11. “The told me I was done in this town. They told me I was only fit to flipper burgahs. Well, I showed them. I’m flippin’ my own burgahs. I’m flippin’ Whalburgahs!” — Donnie Wahlburg

    “Hey! Don. You need something to do? Time to lean, time to clean.” — Mark Wahlburg

  12. I’m mad that they’re not opening this in the space where the Fuddrucker’s is at the North Reading branch of Jordan’s Furniture.

  13. Wahlgreens and Wahl-Mart are going to be PISSED

  14. If this place has a bar i’m moving in – i’ll be the guy slamming shots at 11 am demanding free “Vinnie Chasers”.

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