“LADIES THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – @divalover159 (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. alright, Facetaco, I think we’ve found something that tops Jim Carrey in creepiness.

  2. Why does he say full names for some people, and only first names for others. I need continuity and answers

  3. I think this may be the best wrestling promo I’ve seen since the 80s. Watch your back Macho Man, this guy is coming for HEEEEEEY wait a minute! Where was THIS guy when Macho Man died? Just sayin’…

  4. Nice job, buddy. You just scared off the last women willing to talk to you.

  5. This is kinda mean, but I would be legitimately terrified of meeting this man in real life.

  6. I’d like to give a shout out to my dentist, Dr. [can't pronounce]!

  7. Fun fact I learned when I saw a video of this guy last week:

    Knox City, TX is a very small town. So small that their HS football team plays in a six on six division. This guy is an utter lunatic about pretty much the lowest level of Texas football there is. Clear eyes, full hearts.

    • I saw that video too! I think this dude is just doing what he was put on Earth to do. What was he gonna do, NOT yell about Texas football?

  8. He really could have gone the extradistance on this. I don’t think he does those girls justice.

  9. something something Goonies. something something Baby Ruth.

    Nailed it.

  10. Jim Carrey, that weird song, and now this? Today is just turning into one big series of unfortunate events.

  11. Say what you want guys, but Glenn Beck is getting pretty good at his job.

  12. Who animated the talking freakegg? Pixar?

  13. There are a few times I legitimately worry that a future employer (or student) is going to Google my name, figure out I go often by the handle of “werttrew,” then Google ”werttrew” and come across one of my tips like this.

    But most times I don’t care.

  14. This is the kindest and most loving example of sexism I have ever seen. You women are so great when you’re washing them clothes and cooking those meals!

  15. I don’t know what to make of this…does he love those ladies or hate them? I think he loves them?! I hope he does…

  16. I really respect that this man would not be cowed into not making a video by any doubts about his looks or coherence. I wish I had his confidence.

  17. I’ve been away for a while but my goodness THIS is why I love Videogum. :)

  18. The Knox City Greyhounds shout out is pretty impressive too. Although at 7 minutes long, and lacking in mind-blowing graphics and dazzling eagle shirts, it mightn’t be worth your while.

  19. Sloth lives!

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