A thing happens that’s ultimately not that big of a deal, but you say the word “bull semen” a bunch of times like you’re reading it off a cue card, invoke vague undertones of 9/11, and now you are a Pulitzer Prize. (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. Poor guy must be humiliated!

  2. If Anderson Cooper said “bull semen” and “load,” he would also say “he he he he he he he.”

  3. Want to see a $20,000 canister of semen ladies?

  4. In the Greyhound’s defense, there was an extremely attractive cow driving a Bonanza bus next to him.

  5. “…one cannister stayed on the bus”


  6. It was the least gross part of riding a Greyhound for those people on the bus

  7. “A coward you are, Withnail – an expert on bulls you are not!”

  8. But how did this even happen? Did those canisters just fall out the mata-door?

  9. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that; come again?

  10. “Shortly into its trip, it lost part of its load.” Well, at least it didn’t shoot its WHOLE wad.

  11. “That’s right ladies, you heard me right… Bull seamen.” *wink*

  12. I wonder if this incident will cause Sabor de Soledad shortages.

  13. That’s what she said!

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