My only question is can TWO people be President TOGETHER AS FRIENDS?! (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. Steven Seagall looks like somebody took a BUTTload of ice cream and wrapped it in a wafer-thin layer of linoeleum flooring

  2. Compared to Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann these two seem like real politicians with a shot at the white house

  3. because our freedom is UNDER SIEGE, duh!

  4. the Glimmer Man and the Clinger Man

  5. No buffet or tax hike proposal will be safe in this country.

  6. Whose picture is being taken with whom, and how much did he have to pay?

  7. I thought Bruce Willis killed these two in the basement of a pawnshop with a samurai sword?!?!?!?

  8. “we’re here to take america back.” – those guys

  9. You think this picture is too ‘merican? Fuck YEW! This picture ain’t nearly ‘merican enough!

    Yer welcome, world.

  10. “you’re not chuck norris?”
    “you’re not the dalai lama?”

  11. I know one of you has a personal stylist, and one of you shoplifts their shit from Fashion Bug – Kenny Powers

  12. “Nope.”- Luke Perry

  13. Which one is which?

  14. I have to admit that I smiled when I learned yesterday that Joe the Plumber’s book only sold 500 copies.

  15. if ever a picture could give me two simultaneous boners…

  16. I for sure saw this first as two really weak John Travolta and Bruce Willis from Pulp Fiction costumes.

  17. “We’re here to take America out of the toilet bowl of liberalism and then use its own force from a lunging attack to slam its forehead into a counter while twisting its arm so it drops the knife it was holding until we are all free from government.” – Joe The Plumber & Steven Seagal as Nico from Above The Law

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