This much? Not enough? Be honest.

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  1. That screenshot was taken by Paul Rudd after he went through a small door that allows a person to enter into Paul Rudd’s mind.

  2. When you said how much Paul Rudd is too much Paul Rudd, I thought it was going to be a different kind of picture of him but this is nice too.

  3. There can never be too much Paul Rudd. Quick question though. Is there somewhere I can go where the same thing is happening with Ryan Gosling? Besides my mind.

  4. Computer, load up Paul Rudd

  5. Yo dawg I heard you like Paul Rudd, so we put Paul Rudd in your Paul Rudd so you can Paul Rudd while you Paul Rudd

  6. i’m a little disappointed. there were at least three small pictures that i saw with no paul rudd whatsoever.

  7. I actually found it useful while reading that interview to be able to see Paul Rudd literally in every inch of my peripheral vision. I felt like I was lying in that beautiful field with him.

  8. Looks like John Walker Lindh got out of jail early.

  9. Looks like John Walker Lindh got out of jail early.

  10. NYC monsters, you know you can watch Paul Rudd get mildly creepy with stepsib Alicia Silverstone, for free, in McCarren Park, tonight? Just checking.

    *Paul Rudd will not, to my knowledge, be personally present.

    • I didn’t go to this but would like to know if he came because he WAS, in fact, at mccarren park for Wet Hot American Summer a few years ago… (it ruled)

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