Terrible singing + green screen + sailor hats + borderline-ironic backup dancers + vague sense this is fake and possibly gay = BLOG POST. (Thanks for the tip, Aftershock and Caleb.)

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  1. Still a better musician than Uncle Jessie.

  2. I can’t wait for the collaboration with Bangs, you guys!

  3. All those women were then brutally murdered by Uncle Ricky

  4. I for one welcome our new falsetto-voiced, fake naval captain overlords.

  5. I know Ricky wants to be called “uncle”, but I just can’t see any of my aunts marrying this creep.

  6. Having some trouble seeing exactly when he moves away from the mic to breathe in.

  7. Fake and Reggae

  8. this video solves the mystery of the all the equipment missing from the set of the Malibu rum commercials.

  9. No joke guys, another song started playing in iTunes after I started this video and it took me almost 30 seconds to realize it wasn’t JUST this video. This is horrendously awful, on a level that nearly insults everyone’s culture all at once.

  10. Each of the backup dancers’ outfits is more sensible than the last.

  11. These days I’ll take Uncle Ricky over Uncle Sam! Amiright?!

  12. Why do I find pink hair so dang sexy? It is one of my life’s appalling mysteries.

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