The Rock is a really horrible actor and Jerry Bruckheimer suffers from a serious case of Cigar Face, but these types of comments will have to be put on hold because the two of them are producing a TV drama about the world of 1980s wrestling for NBC and that actually sounds really great!

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  1. When asked where he gets his ideas, Mr. Bruckheimer said “Parts Unknown”.

  2. In order to save on makeup, the part of Hulk Hogan will be played by Brooke Hogan.

  3. I disagree about The Rock being a terrible actor, he should be one since he’s a wrestler but he’s actually pretty charming and stuff.

    • I’m kinda with you on that. I mean, yes, he is a terrible actor, but I like him anyway. He’s like a more self-aware Vin Diesel.

      • Remember how good Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (let’s have some respect guys) was in Reno 911 Miami and The Other Guys and SNL. I thought we all loved The Rock. I thought we all had a tacit agreement that we forgive his flaws since he’s so charming. WHEN DID THIS GO AWAY?

    • The Rock is way better than he needs to be. CoughJohnCenaCough.

  4. Yeah. I would watch this.

    Unless its up against Jeremy Piven’s new show. I mean, let’s not ask the impossible.

  5. Got excited that Jerry Bruckheimer was producing The Rock 2. Not the case. Not mad, but disappointed.

    • Sean Connery would have to come out of retirement for one last job, and that my friends is the plot of The Rock 2

  6. Is “cigar face” the new PC term for “coke nose”?

  7. Mat Men

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