Please write this down: when I die, I would like my funeral to be a joyous celebration* of life for all of my loved ones, with plenty of good food and loud music, and I would like these krumping children to dance as a reminder that there is still beauty in this world and that it resides in our children. “But Gabe, do you think it’s a little bit weird to ask strange children that you’ve never even met to come dance at a dead man’s funeral? Not only weird for your friends and family, who would want to respect your wishes but might find those wishes at odds with their own idea of how to pay their respects to your passing, but particularly weird for the children, who might not yet have the emotional development to process such an event, much less their unusual role in it?” YOU WOULD DARE TO ARGUE WITH A DYING MAN’S LAST WISHES?! Alright, add this to the list: anyone who defies this final request will ALSO have to krump at my funeral. Oh, don’t know how to krump? Well then my funeral is going to be very humiliating for you, and maybe you should have kept your goddamned mouth shut until my will had been notarized. I rest all of my cases in pieces. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

*This is not actually true. I want my funeral to be a miserable sea of tears because everyone is so sad because the worst thing that could ever happen has: I have died.
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  1. child krumpers > child actors

  2. That first kid must be very thrifty. He’s got a hat that he can wear for at least 5 more years before he grows out of it. Unless it ends up on my lawn. Then it’s mine.

  3. Dead god someone get help! Those kids are having seizures! WHY S NO ONE HELPING THEM?!

  4. If they ever make a show about Kids Krumping,
    I hope it’s hosted by Kris Humphries.

  5. gabe, you can’t start thinking about your funeral until the Committee of Elders assigns someone to be the new Reciever of Videogum at the Ceremony of Twelve.

  6. If you pay attention, you can see Abed officiating at Gabe’s funeral in the background.

  7. I demand these children be buried alive in my tomb, so they may krump for me in the afterlife.

  8. Hey dude in the blue shirt, you are witnessing magic, stop sexting

  9. this lady is basically me, krumping. get an angry leg!

    • Is she on the side of a busy road? Also, I’m totally going to use the “jump in slow motion” move at some point in the future.

  10. We can only hope that you live a long, full life so that these krumping children are no longer children and it’s even more awkward for everyone.

  11. “I am going to krump for you, a little off rhythm perhaps, but I will krump. I will krump while you croak, I will krump over your dirty corpse…” -Henry Miller, Tropic of Krumper

  12. when i read this, my mind read ‘crimping’ rather than ‘krumping’..this made me think of the mighty boosh. so while i didn’t watch this video, i did watch an episode of the mighty boosh, which is a great way to start the day no matter how you look at it.

  13. “Krump, little babies, KRUMP!” -Something I just said out loud to myself.

  14. LOL “a dead man’s funeral.” Live men funerals are more cheerful, to be sure.

  15. Gabe, I think what you meant to say was “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

  16. The only superior video would be titled Kids Klumping. ‎”I say, I say, I’ll sit on you!”

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