• Bennifer (right?) is having another Bennifer Baby. Congratulations to the happy couple. Remember how Jennifer Garner says “baby” in Juno? “Hello bay-beee.” Ugh that is the worst part of Juno. -Dlisted
  • Indiewire’s Mattias Stork put together a two-part video essay called “Chaos Cinema” about the evolution of action-movie editing and cinematography, which sounds interesting, RIGHT? You can watch it here. You might as well watch it. I’m sure you’re home with nothing to do because your building was evacuated because #EARTHQUAKE. -FilmDrunk
  • Guess how long Anderson Cooper has said he’s giggled like a 13-year-old girl for? Guess. I’ll give you three choices: Three Months, Zero Days, Always. Fun quiz! -Celebuzz
  • Hahah oh great, here’s another fun quiz. How often do you think January Jones eats Taco Bell? Here are the choices: Definitely All The Time Even Though We Have No Proof, Definitely All The Time Even Though We Have No Proof, Definitely All The Time Even Though We Have No Proof. -Just Jared
  • Louie‘s Ursula Parker (Jane) is a very adorable and talented violinist. You know, I have a violin in my room right now. I took lessons for three months a few years ago. My teacher said I had a very good ear. Soooo. -Splitsider
  • Look at the Sandra Lee bloopers! I love bloopers. Even if I don’t care at all about the person who is doing the blooping. -Warming Glow
  • Salon asks, “Is Ryan Gosling The Perfect Guy?” Everyone in the world answers, “UH YES WHY ARE YOU WASTING OUR TIME WITH STUPID QUESTIONS.” -Salon
  • Watch this motion poster for Martha Marcy May Marlene. I can’t wait for that movie! I really can’t! I am dead now! -Movieline
  • Read this interview with Louis C.K. in GQ. You’ll enjoy it! -GQ
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  1. Summer of Gosling>Summer of Love

  2. The worst part of Juno is the whole movie

  3. This is tangentially related, and makes me laugh forever.

  4. Here are some afternoon comments!

    - The worst part of Juno was where she tried to have a roller-derby abortion at the hand of Drew Barrymore, is that right?
    - L. Ron Hubbard tells us that people are cosmically never really separated, even though we might feel that way. Also, where is that $200 you owe us?
    - I would expect “Chaos Cinema” to be about Britney Spears, but I’ve been in a coma for 8 years. How about that Motorola Razr? Pretty slick!
    - What happens on Anderson Cooper 360 when Anderson Cooper reports on the story about how long Anderson Cooper has giggled like a little girl? Is it the loophole that leads us to total nirvana? Or is it like how you get to Hogwarts or something?
    - Taco Bell notwithstanding, I have definitely never pondered how often January Jones eats taco, ever, because that would be crude. * glances around nervously * Nice work, Mailman. Totally bought it.
    - How did they not use Ursula Parker in disguise as a bum playing violin in the subway station that one time?? Child bums are always a great addi–no, that’s not what I meant, officer!
    - Sandra Lee’s idea of a blooper: “Today we’re going to take my wonderful cherry-infused vodka and OH NO WHOOPS I DRANK THE WHOLE BOTTLE”
    - Are there any Ryan Gosling comments left? Has anyone used, “I’d like to follow him around like a gosling without a mother.” ?
    - Movie Mashup: Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Martha Marcy May Marlene #you’rewelcomehollywood
    - GQ: It stands for “Good Question!”

  5. That was a really good Louis CK interview.

    Later, headlines across America read, “Internet Commenter SHOCKS WORLD with BOLD STATEMENT about LOUIS CK — also, hear about that Earthquake?”

  6. “Look at me, I’m Sandra Lee. Lousy with profanity.” Is Grease the name of her Food Network show? Probably.

  7. What a coincidence. “Definitely All the Time, Even Though We Have No Proof” is exactly how often I eat Taco Bell, too. Just another thing I have in common with JJ. (That’s what I call her; that’s okay, right? Since we’re “besties”? She seems like the kind of person who might say “bestie.”)

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