Remember when the earthquake happened? Yes? Kinda? You’ve pretty much moved on? You saw it in that last post about Eli Roth and also on Twitter but it didn’t happen in your area so no it’s not really something you’re concerned with at all? WELL JESUS WILL YOU PLEASE JUST RELAX ABOUT IT FOR ONE MINUTE AND WATCH THIS BABY VIDEO? (Via StuffIStole.)

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  1. Hey that baby has a weird laugh!

  2. “Hey everybody! Let’s go stand out in the street so that if there’s any debris falling, it might hit us!” – the office workers of West 30th St.

  3. PRO TIP: You should only play peekaboo with a baby if it is your own child. Do not play peekaboo with a stranger’s baby. EVER.

  4. More like “Peek-a-Pooh”, amiright?!

  5. Future host of Anderson Cooper 360 right there

  6. Peekabo, the answer to Libya, the financial crisis, and earthquakes.

  7. An Asian baby with a white father. 87% chance her name is Lilly.

  8. “You guys should totally read my hover blog.” -That Baby in 15 Years

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