January Jones has always been pretty questionable. Like, she’s good on Mad Men, I guess, and she’s very good at HAVING A NICE FACE. But she was awful on Saturday Night Live and even worse in X-Men: First Class, so she might not actually be that good at acting. And then you just hear stories about her that make you think, you know? First of all, she used to date Ashton Kutcher, so, gross. Then there was the time when she crashed a car into a house and called Bobby Flay. And the story about Zach Galifianakis telling her to “be fucking nice.” It’s also just weird when people are pregnant with secret babies by mystery fathers who are reportedly married. But all of those things while certainly hurting her case for not being the worst are nothing like this new smoking gun of awfulness. TV Guide today posted a quote from Jared Gilmore, the little boy who played Bobby Draper on Mad Men, offering some advice to whomever takes on that role in the next season (via Vulture). Your honor, if I may approach the bench:

“Be careful around January [Jones]. She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”

UHHHHHHH. Houston, we have an asshole! Let me put it this way: when you are being badmouthed by CHILDREN in the press you are a HORRIBLE PERSON. The end. I rest my case. Case closed. Sustained. Overruled. Bailiff. That is nuts! And you just KNOW that the thing about her being “really serious about what she does” is what she said to him in some disingenuous, limp-wristed apology after she made him cry on set for the 100th time. What a fucking goblin! She probably didn’t even save anyone’s life on 9/11. You guys, I hate jerks so much, don’t you!?!

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  1. counterpoint:

  2. Watch that Oscarbait performance in X-Men and tell me she takes her work so seriously again

  3. Also her name is January, I think that outweighs all the other criteria, that is not a name of a human being, it is a name of a month. It’s not even a nice month, it’s all cold and bleak and depressing, much like January Jones.

  4. he’ll never work in this town again.

  5. At least Jon Hamm is approachable

    I’d approach that.

  6. But can we take the word of a child actor before he turns 25? I’m so confused.

  7. Didn’t forget about you either, fellas.

    • This always gets an upvote… in my pants.

      • Ladies and Gentlemen of Videogum:

        From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry for that comment. The double entendre on display in that comment is very much below the standards set by this blog, and more importantly, the personal standards I set for my comments on daily basis.

        You deserve better and I know that. Message received. Moving forward, I will strive to craft better comments and not go for the cheap laugh in an attempt to score easy votes.

        I will stand rigid and steadfast in this, my mission. Not unlike the erection I get when I see this Christina Hendricks gif.

        Frank Lloyd Wrong

  8. January Jones is also terrible terrible in Unknown, which I know no one saw but it was ok and she’s still the worst actor in it.

    When you compare January Jones to any other “movie star” she is very clearly the worst actor working today, even when put next to John Travolta or Keanu Reeves or whoever. It is as if she does not know how to memorize lines or perhaps even read.

  9. I feel like this latest bombshell has finally provided us the momentum we need to demand a new Betty Draper. That is the only way to spare ourselves from this person’s garbage.

    Of course we will need somebody at least as pretty and talented, who is almost DEFINITELY more fun to be around. May I suggest Andrej Pejic:

    Just kidding, you guys. He’s not a suggestion, he’s an order.

  10. I always thought January Jones was excellent as Betty Draper. On one of the Mad Men extras the Mad Men creator (sorry, I forget his name and my Google is in the shop) mentions how he writes the personality of some of the actors into the show. I ask you dear comment reader, can Betty Draper’s awfulness be just a projection of January Jones’ real personality?

  11. I can never forgive her for firing Carla!

    • The Help: The Good Version

    • While I doubt it was your intent, I couldn’t help but feel that Carla’s thought-bubble was making a sly reference to January Jones’s car troubles; that Carla is, by extension, a TMZ-skimming Time Lord. Because obviously.

  12. I forgive her–she can’t help that she is in good-looking bubble. Relevant to our interests:

    Jack: The bubble isn’t always a bad thing. Look at me. I turned out okay.
    Liz: Jack, I want you to pay close attention to the following over-the-top eye roll. [rolls eyes] Oh, brother.
    Jack: Lemon, I don’t share this often, but this is a photo of me when I was 25 years old.

  13. She can still be the best and worst thing about Mad Men in the same moment.


    Like this photo.

    But yes, January Jones is most certainly a horrible person in non-TV world.

  14. Clearly, JJ has lost the plot and the time has come to phone her replacement, February Fones.

  15. Does anyone else find it hypocritical that Gabe is suggesting that the testimony of a child actor is important and worthy of justifying the damnation of January Jones, but just last week he was incredulous that celebrity children get interviewed and their thoughts taken seriously? You can google it or page through the archives through the previous posts archive function at the bottom of the videogum home page, go back to last week and look up the blog post about how Gabe believes that children who are actors should never be listened to and anyone in the media who does this is terrible. But now here we are, one week later and now that a child’s opinion validates Gabe’s opinion, he reverses his position and thinks children are terrific sources of wisdom and knowledge.

    Counterpoint: January Jones is pretty. Leaver her alone. She can do anything she wants and if she wants to abort insolent child actors she can do that, her choice. Keep the government out of her right to choose to abort live children.

    Case closed.

    • I disagree with this, and here is why:

      Children cannot be trusted to wax poetic about the craft of acting or weigh in on global warming. However…they can be trusted like we trust a dog barking at a bad guy in a movie. That comment the kid made speaks volumes about JJ, even if the kid didn’t actually mean to convey that she is a bitch.

      • Objection: your comment is off topic and you are out of order. The issue at hand is – Is Gabe a hypocrite? The evidence points to a guilty verdict. Last week he said no one in the media should pay attention to child actors because they are children and the integrity of their opinion is automatically forfeit and immaterial. Now he cites this child’s testimony as the deciding factor in January Jones conviction in the court of the videogum opinion. I move for a mistrial. I rest my case.

        • Gabe’s not a hypocrite.

          But I’m also not a child actor, so you may or may not want to listen to I have to say. I’m just really not sure anymore.

  16. In other news: 4 Bobby Drapers in 4 seasons. Are we sure January Jones isn’t killing these kids?

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    • Psssssst…..this is a humor blog. With jokes. That is, at times, given to hyperbole.

      Of course, Gabe et al. might know JJ. I don’t know their lives, I can’t judge. Maybe Gabe and Kelly and Scott are actually the shadowy figureheads controlling pop culture today? Then we would both look like fools, bonediddy. And who wants that?

    • hi Januaryyyyyyyy

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  19. I “think” you just “answered” you’re own “question!”

  20. To be fair, the confused look she pulls for all emotions might have made him think she was unapproachable. To be realistic, she’s probably fucking awful.

  21. oh no she’s not nice! she does not deserve to walk this planet!

  22. I knew January was a bitch, but I didn’t know she was THIS bad

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