• Guys, I really do not like Ricky Gervais anymore. I said that last time I talked about this atheist picture and I want to say it again because it is on a magazine now. Ricky, please be quiet. I understand that you are an atheist, but I promise that you aren’t offending anyone. No one is going to be offended by a guy who only talks about how offensive he’s being. I think even people who would otherwise be offended in this scenario would see you begging people to be offended and think to themselves, “Uhhh…Yeah, no. Nevermind. Do whatever.” You are being the worst and you are on my “don’t like” list FOREVER. -Patheos
  • I saw this post about good quotes from comedians on the Marc Maron podcast and thought, “This is probably not that great,” but then I accidentally read all of them. So here you go! -Buzzfeed
  • Here’s a review of the scratch-and-sniff smell part of the 4D Spy Kids movie. What did you think of it? When you went to go see it over the weekend? -Vulture
  • Want to see Megan Fox swimming with Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd? Why not. Also, Paul Rudd says she’s “hilarious.” Oh yeah? But can she BLOG? -Just Jared
  • Speaking of Megan Fox, did you know she was getting her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed? What! I thought she was tough but she is NOT tough. -Celebuzz
  • Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville are going to play feuding brothers in an upcoming untitled comedy. What do YOU think they’re going to be feuding about? Oy. -FilmDrunk
  • Nick Kroll wants to share with you some tips on how not to embarrass yourself while using the Internet. -Details
  • Show your mom this video of this dancing marionette, I think she’ll get a kick out of it. -TheDailyWhat
  • It’s Kristen Wiig’s birthday and Movieline has a question to ask you! It’s what you think her most under-rated role was! I say “Gilly.” Gilly’s the best I don’t know why everyone didn’t like it. Also I have a fun bit that I do where I make someone say “Kelly” in the Gilly voice and then I say “What.” in the Gilly voice. You should do that bit with me sometime! -Movieline
  • I accidentally read this headline as “Sookie” and I thought for the entire article that Snookie’s name was Sookie and then was confused when it wasn’t, it was very refreshing you should try it. -TheSuperficial
  • Salon has compiled a list of ten underrated actresses they’d watch in anything. Not mentioned: Kelly Conaboy. WHAT GIVES? Just because I’m not an actress? That seems rude. -Salon
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  1. EL FIRSTO!!!!
    Translation: FIRST!!!!

  2. Ricky seems to be channeling Marilyn Manson, methinks.


    I hope that links through and/or other people know what I am referencing. Otherwise this comment will lack any sort of sense.

    • I always tell people how horrible Ricky Gervais is now and people look at me like I’m insane. I guess you just have to create The Office and you get a free pass to be awful and everyone will still smile and think only of the good times.

      And am I the only one who does not understand his show/podcast?? Him and his friend just laugh at some bumbling idiot? Is it fake? Does the stupid dude know what’s up and just keeps playing along? (Which is dumb and not funny) Or is he really just an unintelligent stupid man that Ricky giggles at for entertainment? (WHICH IS DUMB AND NOT FUNNY) And now he’s making a show where’s he’s an atheist and he goes to heaven. Sounds hilarious and edgy. I’m sure it will be the complex and nuanced look at religion that our world could really use right now.

      • I can’t begin to
        a) explain why The Ricky Gervais Show is funny, or
        b) explain why I love it so much.
        But I’ve listened to every minute of it, as well as of all the prior XFM shows wherein that trio came together, and it is just so great. TO EACH HIS OWN, N’ STUFF

  3. Kelly, I too have a soft spot for Gilly. That face, that hair.

    RIP Gilly 2009 – 2010

  4. Maybe he’s doing an Andy Kaufman-like art/comedy thing making fun of people who constantly hammer you over the head with their condescending moral beliefs? No? OK, Never mind. Karl still rules.

  5. I got a kick out of that dancing marionette.

  6. Yea, Ricky Gervais is annoying BUT LOOK AT THE CROTCH OF HIS DAD JEANS IN THAT PICTURE!!!

  7. I was not aware that Horatio Sanz was also suffering from fat comedian’s skinny disorder. I assume this explains his disappearance from comedy.

  8. i’ve never been a huge ricky gervais fan, and i couldn’t really figure out what rubbed me the wrong way until recently. he has this kind of cheeky fake arrogance onstage and in interviews, that’s supposed to (i think) read as, ‘haha wouldn’t it be hilarious if i actually was this pompous?’

    but then recently i saw him doing some goofing around on the set of Curb and he was talking about how terrible it is to film in the nyc subway, how he would never come down into this gross underworld. and it kind of hit me that this guy really IS this pompous. like, SO many people go into the gross subway every day, and that’s kind of a normal thing. we’re all very happy for you that you’ve had such success in television, ricky, but really? you are really THAT much better than the mass transit-er?

    maybe that just hit me because i ride the nyc subway, but i guess it just retroactively made a lot of his, ‘haha you suckers paid to see me’ jokes kind of fall into place.

    also, that photo, yuck. i’m merely offended that someone thought that would somehow be provocative or even remotely interesting. shouldn’t that be the cover of a lostprophets album or something?

    • I know how you feel. I expressed negative feelings for Ricky Gervais like 9 months ago in the comments section of this very blog and got downvoted quite a bit. Yes, he is unimpeachable as David Brent and I would even say his work in Extras is almost up there as well. But he is not funny when he is “playing” himself, as a standup or host or whatever.

      In fact, he is a terrible standup, so self-satisfied and smug even though his material is actually quite hacky, just making fun of animal trivia he found on the internet. He acts as if he is the British Chris Rock, but I believe he is much more akin to Gallagher. His gig hosting the Golden Globes had some of the laziest, first draft-iest jabs at celebrities I’ve ever seen on TV. He also just seems like a buzzkill of the highest order, making the lamest observations on religion and art and “what is art?” and saying them in a “CASE CLOSED!” manner that is just annoying.

      Again, I will always alway always return to The Office and Extras because they are brilliant. But as for the rest of Gervais’ output, bleeeecccchhhhh.

  9. Kellyyyyyyyy…

  10. Sorry, I put down Ricky’s name on my free-lifetime-pass list in permanent marker ages ago. What can I do? My hands are tied, as if on some sort of cross-like structure!

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