This kid is going to have a real case of the Mondays when he wakes up. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU QUIETLY PUT ME IN THE BACKSEAT OF THE CAR AND DROVE ME HOME AND IT’S ALL OVER? Take me back to that beautiful cone, I was happy there! All we have to remind ourselves of the weekend now are these faces slathered in sticky candy residue. It’s the only way we even know that what happened was real. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I do that, too. But with beer.

  2. He is really giving it to that cone in the final seconds.

    Ok, see you guys later. I think I have to go to jail now. Whoops!

  3. 40 years after this video was taken, this kid ran for the GOP nomination for president

  4. That kid is gonna wake up with one awful ice cream head ache.

  5. Based on the related youtube videos, kids fall asleep a lot when they are eating. And parents really like to record their kids falling asleep.

    • Is that really a thing that happens? Frankly, I would settle for my kid doing one or the other. I could make a whole Youtube channel full of “kid screams his lungs out instead of either eating or sleeping,” with a follow-up series entitled “Daddy goes through half a bottle of Pucker a day.”

  6. OR

    the child is Amuuurica (or the West in general)

    –black parishioners: PREACH!!

    the cone is the economy, and all the luxuries and advantages that have come with it over the years

    –black parishioners: PREACH!!

    the video is Amuuurica (or the West in general) becoming complacent, indifferent, and lethargic when it comes to overseeing our economy and demanding responsible fiscal and monetary policies from our elected officials and those on wall street.

    –black parishioners: PREACH!!

    and the child’s parents putting him in the car before he finished the cone is wall street and certain government officials taking advantage of our collective ‘sleepiness’ for their own gain (getting the child home earlier/shaming him with a face covered in sticky residue OR stealing all our fucking money (fucking ice cream)

    it’s only Monday (night here in Korea), and already I’ve mentally peaked for the week. Take from that what you will; I will take ALL THE ICE CREAM

  7. that more like a case of “the Monday nights”…

  8. Straight and Amusing, but ultimately Fake

  9. Sleep eating is an adorable disorder.

  10. I was just like this at 2 a.m. on Saturday night, but instead of ice cream it was a bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins.

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