Like this baby, I don’t react very well to people telling me not to do something. As far as I know, I’ve always had this problem(/asset). It’s why I wore my Rudimentary Peni shirt to church all the time from the ages of 14 to 16. What I find even MORE frustrating is when you’re doing something and decide to stop on your own, and then someone tells you to stop right after you’ve stopped. As if THEY won? And then you can’t let them win, so you have to keep doing whatever it is even if you don’t want to anymore. Right? It’s a difficult job to have to put everyone in the world in their place by continuing to sing every verse of “That Don’t Impress Me Much” just because someone told you to stop after the first verse when you were already finished, but SOMEONE has to do it. So basically what I’m saying here is that I am on this baby’s side.

First of all, I don’t believe that this baby is putting his finger in his nose “just because it fits.” That is a pretty large assumption. That baby can’t say any words, I don’t think, so he could be putting his finger in his nose for any number of reasons. Maybe he likes how it feels. Maybe there is something in his nose. Maybe he can tell that his mom doesn’t really want him to stop because if he does actually stop it won’t be a that good of a YouTube video. And that was actually my second of all. MOM?! You are the worst! Put down the phone camera and please actually stop your baby from putting his finger in his nose. He might touch his brain! I’m not totally sure how heads work, but I’m pretty sure if this baby keeps putting his finger in his nose he’s going to get brain damage. He is putting it WAY up there. But baby, between you and me, keep doing it. But mom, between you and me, STOP THAT BABY. And finally, congratulations to this baby on living his own life and doing what he wants to do. The End.

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  1. “Don’t put it in there just because it fits” is an important life lesson for any little boy.

  2. Kelly, you like Rudimentary Peni? If you like those guys, then I have a band for you to check out. They are called The Pretty Reckless, they are fronted by this girl who used to be an actress…Taylor Momsen? probably haven’t heard of them, they are pretty underground.
    Also, there was this guy who was an actor named Jared Leto…probably never heard of him either, but he’s got this band called 30 Seconds to Mars…they aren’t very mainstream, but you might like them.
    #stereogum post that would most certainly get downvoted for not being ironic and/or sarcastic enough.

  3. Turns out the ID is just a strong desire to find boogers.

  4. This video is cute, but it’s snot that funny.

  5. Hey baby, is your nose on strike? THEN WHY PICKET?
    (Note: Today the part of Patrick M will be played by his Uncle Bud.)

  6. I love when he decides to shove his lunch up his nose, but it won’t fit so he eats it instead.

  7. Cool obscure musical reference, bro! I mean…cool obscure musical reference, ma’am! Seriously tho, did anyone else expect that link to go to some hilarious fakeout link (not a rickroll, bc Videogum is better than that) but were disappointed to find out it’s just some punk band?

  8. Kelly, you were fucking COOL

  9. Well, I think nose-picking is normal for cute babies and also for adults who occasionally post on Videogum. There, I said it.

    Weight off the shoulders. I feel better.

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