HELLO GUYS! I know you are all anxious to see who won last week’s Giorgio Brutini Footwear giveaway, so lets get to that:

Sam Bolles!

Yay, Sam! I bet you’ll be a SHOE-in at your next place that you go when you are wearing your new SHOES! “Shoes, oh my god, shoes.” RIGHT? GET IT!?

This week, you’ll have the chance to win a copy of Aziz Ansari’s Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening on vinyl, coming to us from InSound.com. THAT’S RIGHT! It’s not a CD, so don’t try to put it in your CD players because it won’t fit. And don’t try to put it in your iPods because it’s not a USB cable. It’s a record. And if you don’t have a record player, maybe you should buy one from the place that is giving you this record, InSound. It is a nice company that employs lots of my nice friends. DEAL WITH IT! Also, just FYI, this is a great comedy album. I even listened to it just last night while making dinner, and someone else put it on. So at least two people really like it. It is very funny. It rules.

To enter to win:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to Videogum with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with the compliment you’d give someone when you found out they owned a copy of Aziz Ansari’s comedy album on vinyl. Here’s an example: “Oh my goooood. You must be very cool!”

Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Thursday, August 25, 6PM EST. You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook. I’m sorry. Also, only submit once! And then a winner will be chosen at random. COOL!

Comments (29)
  1. “Sweet! Did you put a record player on DJ Roomba?!”

  2. You look like someone who could make 4 beats a day for 2 summers

  3. My compliment:

    That is awesome! I bet that your taste in comedy is matched only by your sparkling wit and the roguish twinkle in your eye. (then I would wink saucily. Just for the full picture.)

  4. You’re pretty okay there buddy with the record.

  5. Tom Haverford calls records “Vinyl biscuits.”

  6. “Yo! Shut the F up! Homie’s tryin’ to tell some jokes!”

  7. I like you for owning this Aziz Ansari record. Good Job.

  8. Aziz I’m Sorry but you’ve got good taste in funny wax.

  9. “Is that the genuine article?”

    (I just use this whenever anyone shows me something they appear to be proud of.)

  10. DJ Turntabla over here

  11. On a scale of one to Chris Brown, how pissed off would I be if I didn’t win this?

  12. “Come on down to the Glitter Factory and spin some reccy recs.”

  13. I’d like to buy *that* guy a few Punky Brewsters!

  14. Aziz, before I commit to a Sensual Evening full of Intimate Moments, I need to know if you are a 7-inch or 10-inch kind of guy? I’m talking about the diameter of your vinyl! Get your mind out of the gutter.

  15. “Wow, Nick Twisp, you’re into comedy records, too?”

  16. “Ayo Aziz. What’s the most random musical format in which to own your comedy album?”
    “Vinyl. I’m so good at this game.”

  17. Gif thread crosspost:

  18. “Sweet! Let’s play it on my Victrola!”

  19. Hey, cool vinyl! That’s just like the one I have (I hope!)

    (Congrats DSN!)

  20. Oh, good album! I bet you get all the ladies!

  21. Aziz, are you listening to your own comedy album, on vinyl?

  22. What an elegant record you have here sir or madam. You are very handsome and smell like soap. May I listen to your elegant record?

  23. That Aziz Ansari comedy album that you have etched in wax just made me go from six to midnight.

    …(wait, now this comment is attached to my actual name! AHHHHH NOOOO!)

  24. You, right there (gesture at record), awesome.

  25. I’m facebook-less. This blowz.

  26. I won this two weeks ago and didn’t get anything >_>

  27. cool. i don’t know what “vinyl” is, but i hear it’s collectible!!!

  28. Mmmm. Mmmhmmmm. That is a good thing that you have right there.

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