Here’s a guy sliding down a urinal at Wrigley Field. Yay! Goodnight! Go home! Kiss your wives! Read a nice book! Have a glass of wine! Go to bed! (Via VVV.)

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  1. They should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t De-part-two.

  2. “Urine Trouble Mister” – This guys’ mom when he got home.

  3. Pee Week.

  4. Notice how nobody there is grossed out or ashamed. These are true Cubs fans.

  5. Cubs win! Cubs win!

  6. Maybe it’s just because I live in L.A. and Dodgers Stadium royally screws their fans, but how did all those red party cups get there?

  7. That was just a normal bench until Gerard Depardieu showed up.

  8. maybe i’m spoiled, but does Wrigley Field really have a wooden shanty as a public bathroom?

    also, is this really any worse than swimming in an ocean? at least nothing gave birth in that potty-trough. probably.

  9. I wanted to say how the urine slide makes me feel

    but now all I see are frowns in a pee storm.

  10. Was he safe our out? Let’s check the instant peeplay.

  11. They are celebrating the release of the Hangover 2 on blu-ray. The UNRATED edition!

  12. It’s a new guerrilla-style commercial for Wrigley’s Gum: “Freshens Your Breath Even With A Mouth Full Of Pee” is the tagline, I believe.

  13. It’s official. Carlos Zambrano is totally nuts.

  14. That’s not Wrigley – it’s the Foxfield Races in VA.

  15. Does Bear know about this?

  16. That guy is going to smell like pee for weeks.

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