Not only did this man set a world record for biting three apples 65 times in 30 seconds while juggling them, but also he set a world record for how much Kelly could love the face a person is making while they bite three apples 65 times in 30 seconds while juggling them. Congratulations to this man! (Via ThePresurfer.)

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  1. I once bit three oranges 65 times in 30 seconds while juggling them, but I guess I shouldn’t really compare the two.

  2. That’s pretty impressive, but he had extra time to practice while the rest of us were busy talking to girls and stuff.

  3. I wonder what take that was to trim it down to 30 seconds and how many apples he ended up eating to accomplish such a feat.

  4. “Stay away from this guy!” – doctors

  5. “I don’t CARE if you’re the best who ever lived, DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD” — Some other guy’s mom.

  6. When this guy called the former record holder to tell him that the record was now his, he signed off by saying “How do you like those…” um… Wait! I had something for this.

  7. Not bad, but let’s see him try it with pineapples.

  8. Kelly, I’m surprised your favorite world record holder isn’t the Chinese priest with the long fingernails.
    I guess this is where we part ways.

  9. This exercise would cause me to either a) die or b) de-part-two A LOT. No, I’m not afraid of this. I’m just allergic to apples.

  10. DAMMIT!!!! I have been training for years for this but cant seem to get below the 58 apples/45 seconds mark.

  11. Guys, I’m worried about Steve Perry

  12. You should see the face he makes when he does it with Granny Smith apples.

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