If you look up the word “COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND ALSO SUPER EMBARRASSING AND OH MY GOD TURN IT OFF” in the dictionary there is an embed of this YouTube of Anne Hathaway “rapping” about the paparazzi on Conan. Thesaurus: NO, NOPE, UNH-UNH, DESTROY IT.

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  1. She certainly hathaway with words.

  2. That’s your catwoman

  3. shitty morning

  4. Well that failed as music, comedy, parody, and social commentary. Which do you think she was going for?

  5. Je veux whoopser

  6. Well, when you’re not allowed to talk about your very high profile gig and are constantly faced with interview after interview with the question ,”So what can you tell us about the story? Do things heat up between Catwoman an-ZZZzzzzzzzzz” but can’t actually say anyting about it, NOR can you probably just make stuff up and lie and play havoc with the expectations of fans spoiled on, well, spoilers, it probably makes you get a little batty (UNGH, WHY DID I JUST DO THAT?).

    It was terrible to listen to, but I think it’s just because Anne wanted to trust the public with something, ANYTHING that was sincere and not under the microscope. It felt like she was sitting with some friends and was like, “Oh my gawd, you guys, I wrote a Lil Wayne rap song and it’s sooooo dumb. Wanna hear it?” And everyone’s like, “Sure!” while thinking, “this will kill 30 seconds and who knows? Maybe she’s got- oh nope. She does not. That was bad.” But then Anne has that look on her face like she’s embarrassed and she’s apologizing with her eyes as soon as she finishes but it felt cathartic and freeing for her so right on.

    So yeah. That was not good, but that’s ok. She’s not a rapper.

  7. I have a comment awaiting moderation because I put too many Z’s on a snoring noise I typed out. I always forget that Videogum flags that!

  8. Never forget Havoc. – Anne Hathaway

  9. I don’t judge Anne Hathaway for being a terrible joke-rapper. I do judge the Conan pre-interviewer who was like “oh hello Anne, oh you have been working on a rap? You think you could do it on the show? Let’s hear it … that is terrific and America will love it.” Whoever that person was, I judge him/her like whoa.

  10. “ur sexy but ur a bitch” – Conan

  11. She should go out with Anderson Cooper. Those two are total giggleheads.

  12. Pretty good

  13. I heard this when I was out of eyesight of my videobox and I thought Cookie Monster was rapping.

  14. Cut us a break Anne, there is NOTHING else going on in the ‘burgh. All we’ve got is you, your stunt double, cranky Batman,Troy Polamalu’s hair, and the anticipation of Ben Roethlisberger to pounce on an unsuspecting woman. The fair citizens of Pittsburgh are a little unrefined in the movie-shooting ways. Forgive us, like we forgive you for “Love and Other Drugs”.

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