There was a period of time in high school, I’d say probably my sophomore and junior years, during which I pretty much had only one friend. “But you’re so cool?” you’re probably thinking. I KNOW. I know, it’s just that it’s hard to maintain friends with a strict schedule of recording yourself playing Ani DiFranco songs and posting on internet message boards. So I had this one friend and she was very cool and smoked loootsss of cigarettes and dated weird guys all the time and loved Dispatch and playing pool. At one point she dated this weird adult guy who was very “spiritual,” if you know what I mean. He believed in “energies” and “nature” and “fairies.” And one time I was at a park with this friend, who up until that point had been almost 100% normal, and she said: “You know, the woods are full of fairies. But they won’t show themselves to us because they’re greedy for trinkets.” And I was like, uh, WHAT? WHAT, GUY FROM THIS VIDEO EXCEPT A GIRL AND EXCEPT WITH FAIRIES INSTEAD OF ELVES? But it turns out she was right all along!

An unemployed 22-year-old in Guadalajara captured a living real fairy while picking guavas:

“I was picking guavas and I saw a twinkling. I thought it was a firefly. I picked it up and felt that it was moving; when I looked at it I knew that it was a fairy godmother.”

He may have gotten a little ahead of himself with the godmother part and then he DID murder her by putting her in formaldehyde, but let’s not get caught up in the specifics and hey let’s check this little lady out!

Yep, that’s a fairy. I can tell by the way she’s pointing her finger that she’s a fairy. The guy who caught her, along with his family, is asking for donations to look at and take pictures of this real fairy. Which, hey, great for that guy. That’s fine. If you’re going to have the good luck to find a real fairy while picking guavas when you’ve recently lost your job, you’d be a fool NOT to murder it and then take donations to see its preserved body in a glass. Just doing the Lord’s work. Amen. Fairy Amen. I’m sorry for ever doubting you, friend from the high school story. I hope your life is going well. I think it is, judging by your Facebook profile. So anyway. FAIRIES EXIST!!!! HAVE A MAGICAL DAY! (Via Abroath.)

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  1. how has he not been arrested for tiny murder?!

  2. It’s pretty racist for him to assume that all fairies are also godmothers. Personally, if I were to die, I would NEVER choose a fairy to take care of my child. He needs a parent who can provide for him, not someone who will be out trying to get more trinkets all day.

  3. I’m impressed he kept the wings intact through the murder and the process of preservation. Them shits are delicate. I’d imagine that with digits nimble enough to pull that off, this unemployed 22 year old could find some work doing frosting art at a bakery.

  4. What delicious irony that a trinket-hungry fairy should become a trinket herself!

    Oh, and that guy just happened to have formaldehyde sitting around. Is that normal in Mexico?

    • I think “formaldehyde” is Spanish for “cane sugar”?

    • Husband – “Honey, where is the formaldihyde?”

      Wife – “I put it back in the cabinet yesterday. It should be right next to the paprika and chili powder. Why?”

      Husband – “I just caught a fairy godmother and I need to preserve her in some glass so we can make people pay us to see her. by the way, we’re really low on peanut butter…put it on the list”

      perfectly normal adult conversation that happens all the time

  5. Fake and Silver Lake.

  6. I think it is probably just a Polly Pocket he found.

  7. That’ll show my coworkers! I told them fairies existed. Assholes.

  8. Are we sure he was picking guavas, rather than magical light peaches (the preferred fruit of the fairy people, as we all know)?

  9. “I was picking guavas and I heard a giggling. I thought it was a fairy. When I looked at it I knew that it was Anderson Cooper.”

  10. Fairies be hidin’

  11. Why is the fairy wearing an Avengers uniform? He murdered Janet Van Dyne!

  12. El reconocimiento de su existencia se sacuda la mente material del siglo XX de su pesada surcos en el barro, y lo hará admitir que hay un encanto y misterio a la vida. Después de haber descubierto esto, el mundo no será tan difícil aceptar que el mensaje espiritual con el apoyo de los hechos físicos que ya se ha puesto antes de que.

  13. This guy is clearly the next Guadalajaran Orson Welles and soon will be making critically acclaimed films and wine commercials.

  14. Every time you say “I don’t believe in fairies,” a fairy ends up in formaldehyde in Guadalajara.

  15. Huh. I lived in Guadalajara for four months, and I always got the sense that I was the only fairy there.

  16. Oh no, you guys. We shouldn’t've killed it.The fairy kingdom’s probably going t send it’s army after us now.

  17. So does this mean the giant fairy tattoo that I got on my shoulder blade when I was 19 is now completely acceptable and not at all embarrassing? I knew I would never regret getting it!

  18. Did everyone else see the “totalmente falsa” banner in the upper left? Lololol.

  19. Does this look like a Creepy Crawlers insert to anyone else?

  20. With a little butter and salt, they taste a lot better than you might think.

  21. Fairies are jerks. I learned that from watching Torchwood.

  22. A fairy would never wear an outfit like that.

  23. Historians believe this fragment of film may reveal why we now live in underground shelters in constant fear of the winged ones.

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