On last night’s episode of Anderson Cooper 360, the Peabody-award winning journalist* made French actor Gerard Depardieu the subject of his light-hearted “Ridiculist” segment in which he pokes fun at some silly news story. Mr. Depardieu, of course, earned this honor when it was widely reported that Gerard Depardieu PEED ON THE CARPET OF AN AIRPLANE. In his report, Anderson Cooper delivers one great pun after another–and I do mean GREAT, like, if there is a pun category at this year’s Pulitzers, Anderson Cooper is going to sweep–until he gets to “should thank their lucky stars this wasn’t De-part-two,” at which point he has a total Giggle Breakdown. Not a partial Giggle Breakdown, either. A TOTAL Giggle Breakdown. You’ll see:

Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the serious journalists and their cue card writers during this difficult and hilarious time. (Via TVNewser.)

* I have no idea if he has actually won a Peabody or not, but that is a journalism award, I think? He seems nice, just give him one if he doesn’t have one already!
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  1. This will for sure earn him a Peebody award.

  2. Today, we are all peebody award winners.

  3. Oh, Anderson Cooper, urine trouble now!

  4. “Sorry, this actually never happens to me”

    That’s what they all say, Coop.

  5. Warning! The following program contains award-winning (pending) puns and school-girl-giggling! Viewers are recommended to strap on their laughing helmets! THIS IS NOT A TEST!

  6. It’s a pee pun pee pun world.

  7. Anderson Cooper Giggle Breakdown sounds like an improv team name

  8. I have a strong suspicion that when he was young, the other kids teased him by calling him Anderson Pooper.

  9. I just wish I could have posted “they should thank their lucky stars this wasn’t De-part-two” yesterday because that would have gotten a million upvotes.

  10. It’s weird that Anderson Cooper chose to come out of the closet by exposing the way he giggles.

  11. Who knew that Anderson Cooper giggles like Tickle Me Elmo? I love him a little more now.

    • Me too. Had you asked me an hour ago if AC could be more charming, I would scoff with derision. But I stand corrected! This video caused at least a 10% charm increase! At least!

  12. He’s the Horation Sanz of CNN. I mean PeeNN.

  13. If you have to explain it, Anderson, it isn’t funny.

    Holy shit, he is totally giggling like crazy.


  14. Oh Anderson, you are both adorable and slightly unsettling. Your complete inability to sustain your usually objective, borderline grim journalistic persona in the face of cotton candy ballerina titters is delightfully charming and for that I applaud you. XXOO – Jon Pernisek, Fellow ‘Mo

  15. Before it even begins, I just want to say that everyone who posted a urination pun yesterday was very funny, and AC was also very funny with his puns. There is no need to start a pissing contest over who is funnier.

  16. More like Marie Ahneedatoilette.


  18. Somebody who is good at ganking streaming video should cut it to just show Anderson cracking up, and then we can, like, use it as an all-purpose response to funny stuff.


  20. More like Hugh Jackman. Pee.

  21. Um, how is it that the best part of the entire story hasn’t been mentioned? Depardieu’s friend handed him a ‘miniature Evian bottle’ when it became obvious he was going to pee. But it was too small and it overflowed, so that’s when he peed in the aisle.

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