Do you guys remember the documentary My Kid Could Paint That? That was a pretty good documentary! If you want my opinion, I don’t think their kid “painted that.” Shocking opinion I know, but I have a bold mind and I’m NOT afraid to use it. Was that ever resolved? Whatever happened with that? With this video, though, unlike with that documentary, I fully believe that this robot painted this. Number one because I saw it in the video and number two because HOLY MOLY IS THAT A BAD PAINTING! Haha! Robots! You are very, very bad at a lot of the things you try to do. The only thing I wish with this video is that they didn’t show the actual painting until the very end. Because I really expected this to be a very good painting before watching the video at all. Because robots? They can be programmed to make paintings, I’m sure. And if you were expecting a very good painting the whole time and then at the end it was this painting? Hahah! That would have been a hilarious surprise. But no. This one paints according to sounds from a microphone or whatever and I guess it only heard the dumbest looking sounds. Some of the other ones they showed at the end weren’t too bad though. Right? Sorry, robot. I don’t know art but I know when a robot makes a terrible painting. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. I was worried that this robot might be depressed because of the sad colors he chose, but then I saw that the last painting had a smiley face in it. What a relief!

  2. All these videos of robots failing at things makes me identify with them more than I ever expected to.

  3. not only does this robot make terribly modernist art, it also makes terrible noisesssss. shut up robot omg.

  4. Mark Robothko #robotartists

  5. I’m pretty sure I get it! It’s supposed to be an elephant, right? Or the beach?

  6. credit must be given to the man operating the robot…

  7. The painting equivalent to LC’s writing process.

  8. I think the robot has no color theory knowledge, and his limited palette sucks. They could’ve at least given it the three primary colors, or an analogous color scheme palette.

    I think the the positive/negative 0/1 nature of the robot, which is operating like a free-wheeling computer printer, is mostly just applying paint on spots it’s deeming positive space, and leaving the negative space (the white of the canvas) untouched.

    So the palette is something to be desired, but if you grayscale and contrast the shapes until they are black on white, some of the compositions actually lead your eye around the piece.

    They remind me of breakdown comps before you actually start working on a piece.

    • Looking at these compositions, I have to admit— There are clear focal points, movement, good use of positive and negative space, and my imagination gets going looking at each one.

      Damn that robot.

  9. Put in a treadmill with some paddleballs, then I’ll be impressed.

  10. Kelly’s right! It was a good documentary! Where is that girl now? Has she turned into a child actress?

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