• Here are a few Simpsons-inspired meal recipes. Just in time for barf dinner! “MMMMmm, Simpsons-inspired meal recipes.” – Homer voice. -Warming Glow
  • UGO has put together 11 reasons why Dexter, from Dexter, should be caught by now. I agree with almost all of them and especially with number one. -UGO
  • Here is the world’s first interview with Joel McHale in which the topic of Ryan Seacrest is not discussed! Congratulations, this interview! -Collider
  • Look at this video of a DEFINITE UFO behind Tom Watson, whoever that is. The truth is out there, in this video specifically. -TheDailyWhat
  • Michele Bachmann wished Elvis a happy birthday on his happy deathday! LOL. Smooth move exlax, am I right? -Dlisted
  • Movieline explains why Logan’s Run is one of the bad movies they love. “Hey, that’s not a bad movie!” -You. You love Logan’s Run. -Movieline
  • Abrercrombie and Fitch wants to pay the Situation to stop wearing their clothes. “I want to pay the Situation to stop wearing clothes too! Gigglegigglegiggle, winkwinkwink.” – No women or men. -The Superficial
  • Did you know that Disney exec Andy Hendrickson recently said that thinking movies were “all about the story” was bullshit? Isn’t that weird? Well here is a rebuttal to that! -FilmDrunk
  • Amber Tamblyn and David Cross are engaged! Hooray! Hooray for the happy couple! Amber Tamblyn has a fun name to say hooray with a fake southern accent hooray! -Just Jared
  • Here are some pictures of celebrities with their stupid cute babies. Ooohh, I bet their lives are soooo greeaaat with their stuuupidd cuuuuute baaaabiiiess. -Celebuzz
  • AV Club has, based on the history of franchises today, taken a stab at the possible franchises of tomorrow. I think they really nailed it, too.  -AV Club
  • George R.R. Martin vs. the U.S. Postal Service — a classic feud. -Salon
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  1. I like a lot of things that David Spade has done, but he personally just seems like a very unpleasant person. She can do better.

  2. It’s true. I do love Logan’s Run. Fact: I always made Logan’s Run jokes in high school. Further Fact: I was a very lonely child.

  3. Of course, in England, they call them UFLs.

  4. Smooth move Ferguson.

  5. Do you think David Cross gave Amber Tamblyn a lecture on blood diamonds before handing her a ring made out of old issues of Vice Magazine and shrill condescension?

  6. I can’t wait until I am a famous comedian so I can marry someone who was born four years ago.

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