In honor of the Greatest News Story of our time, I’m throwing a party and everyone’s invited. Dress up as your favorite journalist! Just kidding. Can you imagine that party? Just a sea of Sam Donaldsons and Christiane Amanpours. Yuck. Ugh, I already regret throwing this party. (It is also going to be a very disgusting party to have to clean up afterwards.) Anyway, the only thing Hollywood loves more than all of the money is Hollywood itself, so it’s only a matter of time before they start making movies about the actors in these actors taking over. (This is not true. Let’s just keep going. I’m tired, is anyone else tired?) So, when you come to this party, which has already started and you are already at it, we are going to play a game called Pee Movies. Good game. Let’s play!

  • You Can Count On Pee
  • The Toilet Paper Chase
  • I Am Number Two
  • Pee Pee’s Big Adventure
  • Crap Me If You Can
  • Toilet Story 3

I hate this disgusting game, and I apologize for it. Party’s over. You don’t have to go home but can’t you just go home?

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  1. There Will Be Blood In Your Stool

  2. The Parent Crap

  3. Horton Hears a Poo!

  4. The Big Shit

  5. Piss Piss, Bang Bang

  6. Pisster and Pisses Smith

  7. I Love Urethra, Man

  8. I Pooped On Your Grave

  9. Mystic River.

  10. Bidet of the Jackal

  11. Hustle & Flow

  12. Oklahoma!

  13. The Unbearable Lightness of Peeing

  14. Garden State

  15. Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets

  16. Peeing John Malkovich

  17. Knight and Bidet

  18. Bedpan’s Labyrinth

  19. Bathtub Time Machine

  20. romeo must diarrhea

  21. Water World

  22. Curb Urine ‘Thusiasm

  23. Donnie Darkhole

  24. Poop Fiction.

  25. wipe, men’s can, dump

  26. Forrest Dump: Life isn’t like a box of chocolates. It’s more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your butt tomorrow.

  27. Stool of Engagement

  28. Fart of Darkness

  29. Benjamin’s Butt(is)on a Toilet

  30. The Divine Secretions of Hugh Jackman’s Ya-Ya Penis

  31. someone light a Match Point

  32. Flushmore

  33. Too Fast Too Furious

  34. Feces (starring Ben Kingsley)

  35. Fear and Pinching a Loaf in Las Vegas

  36. Poop Angry (3D)

  37. Eat, Pray, Dump.

  38. Inseptiction

  39. The Italian Jobby

  40. After Pees Theatre Presents: Shiver

  41. The Fountain

  42. In The Poop

  43. I Am Curious (Yellow)
    I Am Curious (Brown)

  44. Brown Runny

  45. Loo Valentine

  46. I Gotta See a Man About A Horse Whisperer

  47. Outhouse Party

  48. (500) Bidets of Summer

  49. Bridget Jones’s Diarrhea

  50. Paul Fart: Mall Cop

  51. Justin Peepants: Never Say Nappies

  52. Diarrhea Of A Wimpy Kid

  53. Can’t Hardly Wait

  54. Bill & Ted’s Excrement Adventure

  55. The Last Temptation of Piss Christ

  56. Water Closet for Elephants

  57. The Human Shit Stain

  58. Doo-doo the Right Thing

  59. poo fast poo furious

  60. The Stool of the Nile

  61. Like Water for Chocolates

  62. Fartacus

  63. Accidents Happen

  64. Turdminaturd 2: Fudgement Day

  65. A Brown Fish Called Wanda

  66. The Loo Adventures of Pee Pee Longstocking

  67. Diarrhea M for Turder

  68. Honey, I’ve Got A Bad Case of Diarrhea

  69. Constipation. (Period at the end = Charlie Kaufman film, get it? You get it.)

  70. Pooperman, Shatman, Peein’ Lantern. I’m done.

  71. Bob & Carol & Doody & Peepee

  72. Pee and Poo in Every John We Know

  73. The Wiz Of Oz

  74. Pissing Jessica Stein

  75. The Urinator

  76. The Last Stall on the Left

  77. Really? No one went with Pee Wee’s Big Adventurd?

    Good. Because that is not funny or inventive at all. You should be not ashamed of yourselves.

  78. Wonka’s Willy and the Fudge Factory

  79. The Unflushables

  80. ToothbRUSH HOUR 3

  81. The Shawshank ReDUMPtion.

  82. The Da Vinci Load

  83. The Bonfire of The Vanity

  84. Austin SHOWERS: International Man of Mystery

  85. No. 2 Fast No. 2 Furious

  86. The Lord of The Shower Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring

  87. The Pee of Life

  88. “Loaf, Actually”

  89. Spray It Forward

  90. The Cider House Stools

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